No days off for the men of Diamondhead

The week started cold and clear.  While it may be a bank and government holiday, 9 strong men adhered to the maxim that Diamondhead takes no days off.

The Thang:

– Carry bells to the frozen tundra, drop em, and take a lap to get the blood flowing

– COP (in cadence except for the swings):

SSH x15

KB swings x20

Mountain Climbers x15

Merkins x10

LBCs x15

– Take bells to the far sideline for a ladder of KB swings and hand-release merkins (or 22s if you prefer) as follows:

20 swings, run across to other sideline for 2 HR merkins

Decrease swings by 2 and increase HR merkins by 2 until you’ve completed the ladder

– Plank for the six

– Take bells down to Folsom Prison for another ladder:

20 goblet squats, bear crawl across, 20 dips, lunge walk back

Rinse & repeat with 15, 10, and 5 counts of each

– More planks with back to back six inches 10 counts from Noonan and EC

– Suitcase carry up stairs and down ramp x3

– Back to the lot for 4 minutes of Mary: flutter, 5 burpees, Rosalita, Freddie Mercury, Polish Twist

– Great BOM prayer from Tesla at COT to send us forth into our days

Naked Moleskine:

– This was YHC’s virgin Q at Diamondhead.  While certainly no stranger to Qing at other AOs, the combo of the KB focus and having to fill 45 minutes with only a modest amount of running had YHC nervous over the weekend.  What resulted was a simple plan with only a few exercises.  Hopefully the Pax still got their money’s worth

– The Rev chastised YHC prior to launch for lacking the appropriate level of enthusiasm required for a DH Q.  Not sure if it was from the cold or lack of sleep from a weekend that included the funeral for my M’s grandmother and a sick 2.1, but YHC appreciates the Rev’s motivation

– As usual, the Pax was the target of a great deal of heckling from the Split Endz Pax, who seemed to be taking a couple leisurely laps around the AG track while we were putting in some work

– Bit less mumblechatter than usual without the Nibbler in attendance.  Rumors of an UA made the rounds as did many Nibbler impressions of varying quality


– Thoughts and prayers for the family and friends of Gremlin, a member of the Mint Hill pax who unexpectedly passed away on Saturday.  Good reminder of how short our lives are

– Rev mentioned an upcoming FIA convergence to celebrate Ruth Danielson this Friday.  Stay tuned for details.

Thanks for the opportunity to lead.

God bless,


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