The Order of the Phoenix

It’s a holiday, it’s below 32 degrees, and it’s a Monday.

I know, your thinking “Who would wake up at 5 AM and go run around a park?”

Your answer: 10 strong, unstoppable F3 men looking to get a little better today.

The Thang:

In order to get warm ASAP, we took the Latta Loop stopping for stations starting with burpees and adding merkins, plank jacks and LBCs.

After one lap, we moseyed over to the jungle gym for circuits of pulls ups, dips and russian twists. After 3 rounds, we moved onto to leg strengthening in front of the school. 10 squat kicks -> backwards run down the road up the hill -> 10 jump squats repeat 3x.

Next comes some partner field work. Partner A runs down the field and back while partner B alternates wide arms and diamonds. Then all together for some bear crawl and lunge walk.

Another round of partner runs, but with burpees and finish with some Mary.

Mosey back to the Latta Loop for one more run around the park to push us over 3 miles and get in some more burpees/merkins/plankjacks/LBCs. Finish with AYO back to the parking lot.

The Skin:

It was cold, but we warmed up quickly. I was surprised by the turnout based on the criteria listed in top of this backblast, but yet again F3 men show they truly are unstoppable.

Last Monday, I posted for the inaugural Q of the new year only to remember about the #Muthaship while sitting in my car in the Latta parking lot. This caused me to go home and do Body Boss with my wife. Definitely a woman focused workout, but I was able to incorporate some of the exercises into this workout (See Squat Kicks). We are gonna be ready for bikini season in no time.

Doobie was crushing it and was out front all day. That guy never slows down. Also good to see Loud Mouth out there as he had been taking some time off.

As always, it was an honor to lead and a great way to start a day off of work. Thanks to Pâté for the strong takeout and reminding us that this day is more than just a holiday and is really a day to remember to love each other regardless of circumstance or background.

2 thoughts on “The Order of the Phoenix

  • January 15, 2018 at 11:47 am

    Good stuff today Paula. My motivation was to stay out of earshot of Sheep & his hurtful comments about my squat form. And he wonders why I skip his Q’s…

  • January 16, 2018 at 4:03 pm

    Look, all I’m saying is that your squat form is more like Body Mid-level Manager…

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