Calm Before The Storm


7 pax started & 8 finished this week’s edition of Ranger before the annual Charlotte “snowstorm.”


  1. 10 Burpees OYO; mosey to Elizabeth
  2. Suicide up Elizabeth (10 diamonds at each crosswalk; 5 burpees at bottom each time); mosey to the castle
  3. Forward & backward up the castle ramps alternating 5 burpees & 10 squat jumps on the ends; flutters & RTs
  4. Forward all the ray up the castle with 10 diamonds every floor; LBCs
  5. Twice up the stairs with 2 X 10 burpees at top; flutters, LBCs & RTs

Wrap Up:

  1. It’s hard to follow up a Stranger Things BB, so I’m keeping it short and sweet.
  2. I spotted Mecklenburg County’s only salt truck on the way in. Much like spotting the Oscar Meyer Weinermobile I imagine.
  3. Buddy the Elf, still nursing his Eggnog hangover, conveniently waited until after the 10 burpees to join in on the fun.
  4. The pax got a nice surprise from Shank at COT, who came to drop off his flu ridden clothes to Slaughter.
  5. Thanks to me for the takeout. Prayer was top notch. Not quite Cindy top notch, but top notch nonetheless.

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