exhuming things better left alone

12 Faithful today for Prometheus.  Here’s what went down:

The Drill:      

Extra Credit

Run to Atlas AO, 10/8/6/4/4 of pull-ups and HR merkins, back to RMS, multiple stops for Six w/ Russian twist

Main Event

COP with SSH (34)

Mosey the Judith/Walker/Linda loop to bottom of Linda, flutter waiting for Six

Partner wheelbarrow up Linda to light, back down

Backwards run up Linda to light, back down, dolly waiting for Six

Partner wheelbarrow up Linda to light, back down

Backwards run up Linda to light, back down, flutter waiting for Six

Partner wheelbarrow up Linda to stop sign, knee-ups

AYG to end of Linda, dolly waiting for Six, merkins (20)

Invade Atlas AO for pull-ups (10/8/6/4/4) and dips (20/16/12/8/8)

Wall sit waiting for Six, donkey kicks (20)

Mosey down Greenwich/Colwick/Chiswick to bottom of hill

Partner wheelbarrow up Chiswick to light, back down, merkins (20)

Partner wheelbarrow up Chiswick to light, back down, elbow plank jacks (20)

Mosey down Barwick/Sharon Amity to Water Oak

AYG back to RMS with alternating diamonds/wide-arms (10) at each light

COT (inspired takeout by KC)


Color commentary:

Great group this morning.  Total mileage of 4.7 with EC, although this was more upper body.  Thin Slice graced Promo for only his 2nd time and pushed the pax all morning, along with Rhapsody, Narc, and Dredd.  Didn’t know if Narc had turned to the dark side for good (not yet!), was glad to see him post.  Said he was an equal opportunity guy, plus he’s working the Combine campaign. He held his own.  Although my money’s still on Rhapsody.  The original youngblood KC was a little slow getting the wheels going, but after EC, we couldn’t drop that old man to save our lives.  As always, Dredd elicited some deep truth nuggets.  Caesar clarified that while he was technically born in Marshville, not to be confused with Swampville, he grew up in Polkton and always lamented his parents’ move given R Travis’ cultural contributions.  Turns out country music’s finest is now supplying farmers in Monroe with whale oil (really??) harvested off the coast of Danbury, CT, by Micro Slice’s uncle.  Which sounds crazy given that everybody knows all the farms in Monroe were years ago turned into strip malls, car dealerships, and Hwy 74 stop lights.  But this is old history.  As for the new, Ice9, partnering w/ me, lost his first ever F3 wheelbarrow competition on the first round – he would not let that happen again.  Was great to have Noonan, one of the finest architects around, with us today thanks to CMS freeing up his regular Wednesday AM date w/ his daughter, and our brother Uncle (America’s Cholo) remains on a late-2017-Tormundesque posting streak, which included EC.  Deer Tick mocked us all with his one-armed pullups, and Boba Fett nearly defected when we had a mini-converge with the Atlas pax but sobered up after seeing Slimjack in that ugly orange UT sweater.  Your daughter’d be proud of you, BF.  Finish the drill.  Thanks, KC, for the Hellman’s worthy takeout, and to you and Rhapsody for the opportunity to lead.


– Gathering tonight (5-7pm) at Ed’s Tavern celebrating upcoming Peru trip for a whole bunch of F3 Metro guys.  KC will emcee with info on upcoming trips and a solicitation for clothing donations to carry down.

– Deer Tick reported 17 guys at MIP last Saturday.  Pigskin’s got the Q this Saturday but lots opportunities to lead MIP in the near future.

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