Winter Wonderland….Well Not Yet

If only the weather forecasters had the correct timeline, 10 of the Splinter Group faithful would not have awakened expecting to have a Winterfest excursion.   Instead, what was in store was a relatively wet, 39 degree morning.  Still perfect conditions for a run and interval work, so here’s what we did.

No COP in the parking lot; rather, let’s start the mosey up Radcliffe.  Stop for COP on Queens grounds with SSH, IW and squats.  Continue mosey up Radcliffe with all out the last 150 yards.  A little more COP at Radcliffe and Queens (all designed to stretch and get nice and warm), then OYO interval from Radcliffe to Pembroke.  The idea was “you against you”  in that each man decides when to go all out.  Some more SSH, IW and stretching at Myers Park Methodist lot.  Then mosey down Pembroke to Brandon Rd.  Since this is parallel to the last route for OYO intervals, QIC thought the spacing of intervals would be more precise.  Or not.  Another brief round of COP (15 partner derkins, some more stretching), then off for the main event.  Mosey to Hertford for a little hill work.  Bottom of hill 10 jump squats, top of hill 10 merkins, bottom of other side 10 jump squats, same for back to start.  Next round, 10 stagger arm merkins at bottom, 20 WWII sit-ups at top.  Another “you against you” interval work down Norton to Queens Rd. West.  Then work our way back to AO with a little “all you got” along the way.  Finish up with 15 more partner derkins and then boat/canoe for a little over  minute.

NMM:  What a contrast to workouts earlier this week.  39 degrees felt damn good!  Hope the Pax enjoyed a little extra cardio boost from time to time.  It felt as if we were getting faster!

Announcements:  F3 Peru trip just around the corner (leave next Friday).  Core is well represented with DRM, Rev, Pigskin and Phoenix (shout out if anyone is missing).  Light summer clothes, flashlights and batteries needed to leave with the people in Peru.  Let’s keep these guys in our prayers.  It’s awesome what they are doing.

Take out by Torpedo (nice to have him back out after his encounter with a Range Rover!).

Enjoyed taking the lead today and especially enjoying the snowfall that finally arrived!


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