Birthday Beatdown @ Core Meltdown

One doesn’t turn 56 everyday so I wanted to make it special. Rather than waking up in a warm bed with my lovely wife, I decided to post 6 other brave men on a 16 degree morning (Weather Channel said if felt like 6). With Rev supplying the soundtrack here is what happened.

Opened with the usual: SSH, IW, ST X 20.

Then we alternated between Merkins (regular, stagger R, stagger L, diamonds @ 10 X IC) and Stretch (LF LH, RF RF RH, Left twist, Right twist) @ 30 second holds. Talk about a bunch of moaning and groaning. These guys are tight.

The to the special “gift” of the workout. We did 10 reps of exercuses named after the letters of B.i.r.t.h.d.a.y @ 10 each (except as noted):

  • Bell Press – two handed, just as it says
  • Imperial Squat Walker – squat, knee to opposite elbow, squat, other knee to other opposite below = 1
  • Russian Twist with KB @ 20
  • Turkish Get Ups – with KB – the real way, which is much harder
  • Hurpees – hand release burpees
  • Dry Docks
  • Aussie Mountain Climbers – BTTW then perform mountain climbers
  • Your Gonna Hate This: I called Tantrum for his expert opinion but his suggestion was too mild (he must have been in is annual good mood) so I had to did deeper to find a real nasty one — Plank Destroyer (Plank then Makhtar N’diaye, then Plank, then Merkin, then Shoulder taps, then Plank Jack = 1)

Since I am a twin and it is his birthday too we performed a partner exercise named Twin Power:
– Partner 1 runs to Lake
– Partner 2 does called exercise (Squats, Hammer Curls, URR, Triceps, URR, Press Ups, Swings)
– Flap jack @ 3 sets

For Mary I selected a combination of both hard & obscure as well as hard & well known:
– Knee Ups @ 30 single count IC
– Captain Thor – 1 WW2 sit up: 4 @ 10 X 2
– Russian Twists with KB @ 20 single count OYO
– Heavy Mercuries – Freddie with KB
– LBFC – little baby crunch while doing flutter kicks @ 20 OYO

The last two were on the website but I don’t think anyone ever really did these as they were more than a little awkward.

The final “exercise” (better called an activity) is we moseyed to the top of the parking lot where we lined up across the entrance and performed Kettle Bell Slings.  This is where you do 3 KB swings and then on 3 let your KB sail across the parking lot to see who could throw it the furthest.  We then walked up to the furthest bell – YHQ’s the first time then Rocket Man’s by a country mile the next two as he learned the best angle so it would slide on the ice.

Announcements:  Core is going to Phoenix in March — talk about a far LEAP.  What a perfect place to start a CORE AO.  Rev has Q on Saturday @ Core and is making in FNG friendly (whatever that means, last time he said this we spent the better part of an hour doing various forms of grinders with 45 pound barbell plates).

Rev took us out as he does so well.  Then he bought coffee and bagels at Brueggers for Coffeeteria.

All in all a great way to start my journey to Double Respect!


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