Diagnosis: STUPID.



12 men were feel.ing the effects of cabin fever and left the comfort of the fartsack to experience the greatness that is known as CORE.  They weren’t just wanting to get out of bed, they wanted to get ahead.  And so it was that the beatdown commenced at precisely 8:00 in an orderly and disciplined fashion.


Kind of.


COP: THE STANDARD.   Because at this point, any type of deviation  from the standard would be a standard deviation,  and my slide rule is broken.  


Mosey to the parking deck at Queens with all of the extra bells we could scrounge up.  Partner up at the deck for some partner work. Hence, the need for a partner.  A would run the stairs, while B would do the called exercise.  Each exercise was to be repeated 4 times  by each partner .  Called exercises were 2 handed swings, squats, lawn mowers, renegade rows, overhead static hold, 1 legged dead lifts, and flat chest holds.  Upon completion of this, we commenced to return to the parking lot for precisely 4 minutes of Mary.


NMM:  7 exercises. Repeat x 4.  The utterly stupendous DoReMi calculated out that this meant we were doing 28 exercises, and thusly making 28 trips up the staircase.  Thanks a lot, Mr Know it All.   


HoeDown said  that this workout was not FNG friendly as advertised.  Well listen here , Dookey….there weren’t any FNG’s so I kept the FNG friendly workout in my back pocket. Yes, I have pockets, and keep a workout in each of them. So there.


Grapevine finally admitted why he comes to my Q’s:  so that he can Mumble chatter the whole time, and i can’t say anything because i am doing the cadence.  It is irritating but accurate.


Skoal Bandit talked non stop about “The Darkest Hour”. Just wouldn’t shut up about it.  Turns out he has a man crush on the Brit, even to the extent that he has Winston Churchill PJ’s.  And he sleeps in a top hat.


Rocketman runs too fast up stairs.  he is a bully, but he sings Air Supply songs while he runs so I can’t be too upset.


Marv is a Diva. How senor Chips knows that I don’t know, but he swears it is true. I will leave it to Chips to provide the documentation of said statement.


Meatball hid my KB in hopes that I would ask everyone to stop the beatdown and go find it. Unfortunately, he hid it in a tree . He thought I would think it was an apple. Dude… that would be a big apple.


Van Winkle ran before the beatdown. That’s insulting.  Like the beatdown won;t be hard enough so you gotta get a little something somethin in ahead of time.  I’m just jelly. You know that.


Pigskin is so juiced about going to peru that he ran with a sombrero on. I wanted t tell him they don’t wear sombreros in Peru, but he wouldn’t hear me. And, he wore a Chipotle T shirt. Dude… we are going to Chambute, not Chipotle.


Senor Chips did not complain. Once. I think it is the first time ever.  No comments about the weather, the workout, the hard floor…nothing.  See, we can all change.


Announcements; Billingsley and AG are on.  MIP q is pigskin today.  Watch for convergence info next Friday with Fia.


Until next time, I remain

Your friend

Reverend Flo-Rida


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