Leg Day!

15, yes 15 men showed up to a chilly workout this morning!!  Awesome turnout – the most in one workout I’ve seen since I joined!  It was a fine group, though I saw one common theme – they all had friggin’ chicken legs – that only meant one thing, time for leg day!

The Thang:

  • Warmup in parking lot – 15 SSHs, 20 MCs, 20 IWs, 25 Squats (meant to go slow, but I was just feeling it!)
  • Mosey on over to the amphitheater – do 12s – 11 lunges/leg at bottom, 1 squat at top, so on so forth
  • Indian run over to corner of Belvedere & Club – turn around, do lunges to halfway point between Chatham & Club.  Once reaching the halfway point, do 5 burpees, then do high kicks (or skips depending on your mood) the remaining portion to Chatham.  Repeat same exercise for next 3 intersections, though at the next midway point do 15 IWs, eventually spelling out BLIMPS (15 reps for letters L-S).
  • At corner of Belvedere & Chambwood, do 20 LBCs & 20 Freddie Mercurys
  • Mosey on over to the basketball court – Partner Up – Partner 1 does lunges from end line of court to midcourt, proceed to do 15 merkens, then bear crawl to remaining end of court and end with 15 LBCs all while Partner B is doing a lap around the park. Repeat 3x per partner.


Men’s Shelter Volunteer Opportunities – Resume Workshop/Computer Training – reach out to Pipeline if interested

Parent’s Night Out – Looking to get away from the kids and have an enjoyable night out with the Mrs?  Drop your kids off with Mr. Bo & other neighborhood parents – they’ll be in good hands, we promise!

F3 Dads Camp – great opportunity for kids to get out and have some fun – reach out to Sump if interested


Was an awesome turnout this morning – even had 2 FNGs show up and gave them F3 names they certainly won’t forget.  This was now my 2nd Q, guess that makes me a vet huh? I heard some grumbling among the PAX during the workout so that tells me it was a success!  Even heard some clucking from Papillon!  The soreness tomorrow into Monday will be worth it, I promise.  Plus, you put some meat on those chicken legs!  Thanks to Sump for the takeout.

I’ll be going on a little F3 hiatus as I train for the Corporate Cup Half Marathon on Mar 10th.  Bluejay & Primanti talked me into it and I was crazy enough to sign up.  Would be great to have some other Midwood PAX join!


One thought on “Leg Day!

  • January 20, 2018 at 2:10 pm

    Sometimes it takes a fresh set of eyes to identify a problem…and this one literally was right under our noses! I’ll just chalk it up to not being able to see our own legs….due to our massive pecs

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