Neither Ice Nor Snow

Today, we had to be careful of the ice on the roads and sidewalks. Success was achieved! No injuries! Rev provided the music, some of which I had actually heard before! Makes me feel good to know that a juice box sucking 51 year-old likes classic rock!


Started out the usual warmup in front of the Rescue Mission. SSHs, Merkins, IWs, Mountain Climbers, Aldersgates, Parker Peters and then we took off for the wall on McNinch street. People chair’s ankles, knees and air along with Balls to the Wall toe taps.


Cross the RR tracks to the ‘bumper’ at the end of the other McNinch street for dips and derkins. Then, we made use of the parking lot strips to do belly-touches (aka burpees incognito) every other strip. Was thinking about doing the entire length of the parking lot but called an audible at a pair of Keefer rest stops half-way.


Backwards run to the start so Rev could get his music. Tijuana Dreamers on the fence and run to Cedar street with a right turn into the next parking lot. Everyone got a rock and we did Presses, Curls, Triceps, Rows and Presses with each exercise putting the rock down and rotating to right. That way, everyone got to try a rock they didn’t bring. Some people did not choose wisely. Hint, the bigger the rock, the more it weighs.


Of course, we carefully replaced them where we got them from. Across the street (watching for traffic!!!!) and went to the wall in the tunnel. Threw in a little backwards running on the way to give the 6 a chance to catch up. People’s chair and Mike Tyson.


Next, to the rails for incline merkins and outboards.


Next, to the stadium. We did dips on the base of the over-sized kitty-cats, taking care to avoid the dog-poop someone left near there. Lots of hazards today.


Over to the corner of Stonewall and Mint. The bench there was free of animal excrement enabling us to do step-ups. Then we crossed the street at the intersection with the light (again, safety is very important) and went to the benches around the solar tree for some dips, mac-tar-jives, Rosalitas, Freddy Mercuries and flutters. Time to head back.


Crossed the street, again with the light and mosied back, threw in a little backwards run (watch out for the light) to the tunnel for people’s chair. Back to the patio with a stop to regroup for some SSHs. Normally, we would AYG to the patio but with the ice, definitely not a good idea.


One FNG today, from Dallas NC to Jersey and back to Charlotte. Naming logic was something like Joe Namath went to Jersey from Alabama, Broadway Joe, maybe Broadway, the show Hamilton; You’re Hamilton. You can’t make this stuff up.


Total of 15, not counting a couple who dropped out. One of the Rescue Mission guys said he wasn’t sure we would be there. Nope! We’re always there, unless we’re in Perú (Backup, Rev, Pigskin). Even then, someone will be there. Marv or Deertick or Rev or Carrier will see to it that F3 will be at the Rescue Mission.


Marv brought hoodies. Prayers for Fresh Prince who’s had a health issue recently.


Retired from Duke Energy after 40 years as an accountant.

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