Bread and Milk

Nothing fancy this morning as 24 Pax gathered in the crisp Queen City gloom for the weekly Black Widow beatdown.

Extra Credit:

– The Nantan and one of the two site Qs joined YHC for 13:57 of EC.  Why not the full 15, you ask?  Let’s just chalk that up to a couple of Wrap’s loveable eccentricities

– Greentree loop with 6 or 7 stops for 10x various merkins and squats, a long backwards run, and 10x dips in cadence around the front of the church

The Thang:

– Already running behind, so no time to stop and exchange pleasantries with the 21 pax who needed an extra 15 of sleep

– Fastish mosey down the dark, potholed driveway to the small side lot for COP of the usual fare: SSH, merkins, flutters, diamonds, dolly, another core exercise, and Imperial Walkers (just for Raider)

– Mosey over to Westbury for a hand-release burpee pyramid from 1 to 6 back down to 1 at each of the 6 streetlights on the right

– Planks and some Mary for the six

– Back down Westbury for a squat and plank Jack ladder (5, 10, 15… 30) at those same streetlights

– More planks and Mary

– 3 trips up and down the hill on Robin with 20 merkins at the top and 20 LBCs at the bottom

– Bit of Nantan-led Mary for the six

– Backwards up the hill, then regular mosey down Sharon Amity to the rails in front of Eddie’s Place

– Put those rails to good use with supine pull ups x10 IC and dips x20 IC

– Left on Providence with a stop to work the obliques in the Providence Prep parking lot, then mosey back down the still dark and potholed driveway to the shovel flag

– Just enough time for 10 more burpees oyo

Naked Moleskine:

– Twitter marketing proved to be effective, but not 100% so as several of the Pax publicly called out either chose to post elsewhere or to fartsack.  Far be it for YHC to criticize their choices

– Great to have the Nantan join us, even if his OCD did cost us a minute of EC

– YHC tried to keep everything simple since most Pax were preoccupied by the impending Blizzard of 2018.  Hopefully everyone was able to stock up on bread and milk before the roads became impassable

– Grizzly and Big Worm have a heckuva thing going at BW. YHC always enjoys the AO and the company (even Coach, sometimes)


– YHC apologizes for the tardiness of this backblast and hopes lots of guys made it to the HDHH at Ed’s last week for the Pax heading to Peru

– Special DMZ on Monday 1/22 at Indy Park for Bout Time.  Please continue to keep his family, especially 2.0 Jennings, in your prayers

– Be on the lookout for a preblast on the next big CSAUP for F3 Nation, the Get Outside Mountain Relay (think more elevation than BRR, a big central location to hang out at between legs, tons of 2nd F, and no van rentals)

Thanks for the opportunity to lead.

God bless,




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