The Castle and the Lurker

The cold didn’t keep 9 fine men and Double Eagle from starting their Saturday off right on a beautiful morning in the Queen City.

The Thang:

Mosey around the parking lot to the basketball court for warmup COP – SSH x 20, Merkins x 15, Mountain Climbers x 20

Mosey to the Castle

AYG up the stairs to level 7 (roof was covered in ice #safetyfirst), Merkins x 15, AYG down other stairwell to bottom , dips x 20 ;

Rrun up the ramps to level 7, backward run on the flats, sprint up the ramps, alternating 10 squats and 5 merkins at each turn ;

At level 7, partner up – partner 1 sprints to other end of parking lot and back while partner 2 does Russian twists ; switch and repeat with LBC’s, bicycles, and knee-ups

Mosey to Cap’n Jack with a stop for planks on the way.  Mary – flutter, dolly, rosalita, protractor.  and some dips for good measure.

Mosey to the base of the Lurker:

round 1 – sprint up Elizabeth to Charlottetowne stopping at each crosswalk for alternating merkins (regular at crosswalk 1, wide arms at crosswalk 2, diamonds at crosswalk 3, etc.); back down to the bottom and plank ;

round 2 – sprint up with 10 jump squats at each crosswalk and back down to the bottom and plank ;

round 3 – partner up and sprint to the top, alternating between 10 hand-slap merkins and 10 partner decline merkins at each cross walk.  This last round sucked.

Mosey to the baseball field at Indy ; AYG to home base right in time for the bell.


Fairly quietcrew today, except DE.  Everybody put in hard work.  Farmer was killing it.  Razorback’s name could be changed to Iooss – he is the official photographer of Indy.  Not sure if he is using it to get out of workouts, but he got a few good ones.  See below.

Prayers for Gremlin’s family and friends and for York County officers that were shot in line of duty.

DMZ on Monday at Indy 0530 to support Bout Time.

Lynchpin starting up Westside workout launching March 10 – Revolution Park, Saturday’s 7:00 am.


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