Lapped by Tesla

Thirteen Diamondhead regulars waited patiently for YHC who arrived at 5:29 sharp.  After 55 seconds of friendly banter it was time to go to work.

The Thang:

Walk to the track, drop your bell, and run a warm-up lap.

COP (all exercises IC): SSHs x20, Imperial Walkers x20, Copperhead Squats x20, Merkins x20 #crowdpleaser, Mountain Climbers x20

Pick up your bells and line up on the goal line.  Start with 10 reps of each KB exercise below and then move on to the next exercise.  Once each round is completed, run to the far end of the field and do 10 Hand-release Merkins and then run back for the next round dropping the number of reps by one each round.

  • Two Handed Swings (20 per round)
  • Clean ‘n Press (10 Rt / 10 Lt, then 9R/9L, 8R/8L…etc.)
  • Goblet Squat (10, then 9, 8…etc.)
  • Renegade Row (10 Rt / 10 Lt, then 9R/9L, 8R/8L…etc.)
  • Sumo Squat to Upright Row (10, then 9, 8…etc.)
  • Run length of field, Hand-release Merkins (10, then 9, 8…etc.), run back to start for next round



  • The goal today was to keep things simple, but make it hard.  If intensity is correlated to the steam coming off the Pax #lookingatyouhoover during COT I’d say #missionaccomplished.
  • Most made it through about six rounds of exercises and some a few more.  This format is perfect whether you’re swinging 25# or 60# KB #belikeNibbler, or anything in between.
  • Tesla was out front today and may have lapped me twice.  No judgement here, but perhaps it might be time to step up to a heaver bell #nomorebabyrattles
  • I have to admit the best part of the workout was not only having The Nibbler actually show up for one of my Q’s #firsttimeforeverything, but actually hearing “good job GAAP, that’s a B+”.  I had a C- out of the blocks making this moment even more special. #highpraisefrommanagement
  • Please keep Glen Rice in your prayers as he came down hard with the flu on Friday night — today was supposed to be his VQ.  The fever broke Sat pm, and hopefully he’s on the road to recovery.  FYI, I caught a glimpse of his plan on Friday afternoon and you should be glad he called in sick.  #VQadrenaline
  • Rev, thanks for the eclectic 80’s mix and a great closing prayer.  Please keep our brother Tesla in your prayers as he deals with some family issues (his sister)


  • First Annual F3Gaston vs F3Metro Super Bowl Flag Football Game – Tesla, who lived in the Metro for many years, has bolted to the country and is a card-carrying member of the Gaston F3 Pax.  He and some others have organized a flag football game at 2pm Super Bowl Sunday, which will take place at Col. Bob’s field (MPHS).  All are welcome to play and/or cheer on the teams…bring the M’s and 2.0s too…tailgating is encouraged.  Contact Tesla for more details
  • FiA is organizing a special one-year anniversary workout at 5:30am this Fri 1/26 to honor Ruth Samuelson, who we lost a year ago.  Come honor Ruth and our brother, Little W, this Friday.  Rev will communicate more details via Twitter.
  • F3 Phoenix launches March 10th – the Core Pax is in charge of this LEAP.  Start headlocking now and contact Skoal, Eminem or other Core Pax for more info.
  • I forgot to mention this during COT, but many Metro Pax #iamguilty have become a bit lazy in posting backblasts, striving to give our best at a workout and headlocking FNG’s.  In order to keep this great thing going we need to keep moving forward and accelerating.  Check out Want Ad’s backblast from this week’s AG workout for some inspiration! #therewillnowbebackblastsatAG #shocker

Always an honor to lead the fine men of Diamondhead!

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