Prestige Worldwide…wide, wide, wide

14 men got to work at PWW this morning.  Here’s what went down:

The Thang:

Fast mosey to NASCAR Hall of Fame.

COP (SSHs, mountain climbers, Peter Parkers, Parker Peters)

Partner up…run in opposite directions for 3 laps around the HoF “track”, 20 handslap merkins with your partner each time you meet (x120 merkins total)

Mary whilst we wait

Fast mosey to Marshall Park (long way around … dodge bikes-for-rent…endure terrible lighting)


4 times up tiered hill to street, 5-10-15-20 sumo jump squats at the top, dips at the bottom

Fast mosey down McDowell bottom of Myrtle in Dilworth…with 10 burpee pit stop at Art’s BBQ

AYG up Myrtle and back down…REPEATO

Mosey over to Lexington…brief pause…then AYG to home base, 5-10-15-20 chest-to-ground merkins at start, next 2 stop signs and finish line


Naked Moleskin:

Better Late Than Never (or So Glad You Caught Up With Us)!  He’llAlwaysBeUncleToMe showed out of nowhere to partner with me on the NASCAR HoF loop.  Not sure whether it was an early/instant-drop-from-the-start-reuniting situation or a late-catch-up/lucky-to-find-you-because-you-didn’t-go-all-the-way-to-the-Muthaship scenario, but glad to have a partner instead of having to sob uncontrollably at each “meeting” point solo and pretend that the hurt would go away.  Actually, I assumed Ceesus was going to be the Crying Lone Wolf, but it was nice to see him partner up against his will with Hillary/Neal for some forced second F.

Rent-A-Tripping-Hazard.  How did CLT become the home 3 (4? 5?) no-station-required-please-place-them-anywhere bike rental companies, with these bikes now littering the sidewalks all over town?!  #LitterBikes #TheNewUrbanKudzo  Only a matter of time unfortunately before an F3er inadvertently crashes into one of those.  Thankfully, a couple of the Pax narrowly avoided one this morning.  #disclaimer

Hey, Shut Up, Slaughts!  At Art’s BBQ, Slaughter asks “How long have you been wanting to say ‘Shut up’ to me?”  Without missing a beat, at least 4 guys give simultaneous answers.  Not sure who your question was directed to, but you’ve got multiple respondents, Slaughts.  #frenemies

#TAP.  Thoughts and prayers to: A51’s About Time and his family as their very young son undergoes treatment for leukemia … to several men of F3 (and non-F3) who are volunteering a week of their time to do some good work in Peru … to our leadership in Washington (and everywhere) who are tasked with making the government and all its services run.

4.7 miles, 170 merkins, 50 sumo jump squats, 50 dips, only 10 burpees…#pieceofcake

Thanks for the keys, Gandalf.  Thanks for showing up with all the rest of Paperboy.  #crocodiletears


“If everything seems under control, you’re not going fast enough.”  —Mario Andretti


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