The silence was deafening

YHC practiced up the cadence and headed out for my virgin Q this am.  Well, my VQ at BHM that is. 14 other PAX decided they would join me this am and here’s what we did.

Quick run to the train parking lot for COP – SSH – 20x, Merkins – 15x, Squats – 15x

Run over the bridge to the wall for dips & derkins – 15x each

Run over to the lake.  Take a lap around the nice and clean Freedom park lake stopping at each quarter of the way and do 10 stagger right & left merkins at each.

Run over to grass amphitheater seats for 11’s – Burpees at the bottom and Turkish get ups at the top. That really sucked.

Plank jacks – 15x while collecting the six.

Mosey over to the lurker and partner up. Forwards run to the first speed bump and do 5 – hand slap merkins, backwards run to the next speed bump and do 10 – HS merkins, forwards run the rest of the way and do 15 – HS merkins at the top.  Run back down stopping at the speed bumps for 5 – 10 & 15 jump squats.

Run back over to the train parking lot and AYG back to COT stopping at each speed bump (5) and do 5 – Spiderman merkins at each.



– Been a while since I’ve been to BHM and always love this AO.  Strong crew out there today with Snap fade, Toga and Baracus setting the pace.  YHC had the Q adrenaline going for the run to the train for COP as it was more like a sprint. Just wanted to do my best for the VQ today. 3.2 miles covered this morning which seemed to satisfy Belk since it was under 4 miles. Your welcome.

– Pretty much complete silence from the PAX on the 11’s up the hill with burpees and TGU’s.  I remember doing this a while back when I Q’ed Bandit and it sucked then and it still sucks today. #smoker.  I don’t think their were any fans of it out there this am. #ISI.



– Stogie needs some Q’s for BHM for the upcoming months.  He’ll be sending out some info. on signing up soon.  Time to get off your a$$ and Q if you never have before.

Thanks Snap Fade for the take out and Stogie for the opportunity to lead this morning.  Enjoyed it.

Until we meet again

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