SIB: Off Script

15 showed up for something that was not AYG sprints. Some may have wished for those instead. Disney was nowhere to be found.

The Thang:

Warm up about 10 minutes with some drills.

800 meters on the track at 1 mile race pace. Slow recovery out to Spackler’s hill.

Repeats starting at the creek by Selwyn Elementary: Hard effort up and over Spackler’s down to the stop sign. Rest one minute. Hard effort reversing the route. Rest one minute. Repeat until time called. Longish recovery back to AG track.

800 meters on the track – trying to match the 1 mile race pace (or close to it) from the initial interval.

Cool down about 5-6 minutes.

I promised that we would not do sprints but needed something different and semi-logical. The first track 800 tests sustained speed. The hill work is all about strength. The last 800 helps you find whatever speed you have left despite dead legs.

Good to have Subway with us – even if he showed up late. This is F3 brother. We roll on time at SIB. Shawshank is officially over the sniffles. Sub4 was so fast on the last 800 that I never even saw him. “One minute” of recovery is an elastic concept for many – some just want to go and get it over with. Others meticulous down to the second. Fishwrap continues to run everywhere. He is in amazing shape but I’m always baffled about where he is on intervals. One round he is crushing you – the next he looks lost in the pack. Maybe he just has something different happening in his head (going out on a limb, I know). Steroid must have gotten his dose early this morning. He looked strong. FaSoLa’s beard is looking manly – makes him look taller too.

Next week is 5th Tuesday. I’m leaning against doing the timed mile. Probably substitute something even more painful or stressful. You can make suggestions in the comments below but I probably won’t see them.

See you next week.


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  • January 23, 2018 at 7:32 pm

    Thank you, Nash. Never did find what I needed. And the voices… the voices keep me occupied.

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