We joke around a lot at #Core.  We often say things like, “the Core pax are weatherproof”, “the #Hates don’t post in the rain” and “there’s no running at Core.”  Today was one of those days where all those statements came into question.  More about that later…

23.1 posted at Metro’s favorite Tuesday Core workout, #AchillesLastStand to make themselves better.  We got after it…


Recon lap up through the Temple (FIA Flyby), down the back stairs, through Harper Valley lot and back to the start.

COP (SSH, IW, Mountain Climbers, Copperhead Squats)

Partner up for Catch Me if You Can (non KB edition). P1 runs, P2 does 5 merkins and chases.  Tap out and switch when caught. 3 laps total.  For some reason, this was a cluster.  Some people (@Rev) thought the goal was to leave your partner in the dust and never give him a chance to catch up.  The route isn’t that long, so not much tagging and merkins going on.  Pull the plug after this and move on.

Plankorama, plank jacks and Peter Parkers

Mosey down to the Selwyn Blacktop.  It was about here that the whining and complaining began.  “It’s too wet!”  “It’s muddy and dark!” “My clothes are getting dirty!” etc etc.  Shameful, just shameful.

P1 runs the stairs (yes, the muddy dark stairs…if Tesla were here, he would’ve told the whiners what feminine products could help their situation), while P2 did called exercises.  Four rounds, flapjack after each round. Exercises were Heels to Heaven (yes, on the wet pavement), Jump Squats, WW2 situps (also on the wet pavement) and Trailer Park merkins.

Up to Senator Ramos’ annex for quick circuit.  10 dips, 10 derkins, 10 jump ups.  Rinse and Repeat x3.  Then do it a 4th time.

To Senator Ramos’ office for Mary (Rosalita, Oblique L, Dolly, Oblique R, Freddy Mercury).  Pull the plug when an early riser from the Senator’s Office arrives for work and almost mows down the pax.  #Disclaimer

Mosey to pull em up bars.  10 outboards, 10 incline merkins, 10 donkey kicks in the temple.  8 inboards, 10 irkins, 8 donkeys.  6, 4, then 3 just to mess with all the OCD people who have to have nice orderly patterns at their workouts.

Back to the start for 10 burpees.  Fin


*Good turnout on a wet, warm day. With all the complaining, you’d have thought it was pouring rain or that we were rolling around in the grass or bear crawling through the mud. Just some wet pavement and a muddy set of stairs. @Grapevine is fond of saying the Core pax are weatherproof, but after today, not sure that’s the case. Maybe we’ve gotten soft. I assume if you post when it’s wet out, you expect to get a little wet.

*This was the second time YHC rolled out the Non-KB Catch Me if You Can and it might be the last. Thought it would be a good warmup, but for some reason, it just doesn’t work.

*We logged right at 2 miles. Not sure if any of it qualified as ‘running’, but we did mosey a bit, which is what we do in Core.

*Steroid showed up with about 5 minutes left, not sure why, but he gets 1/10 credit.

*Rope a Dope is a milennial. And posted in the rain on a wet day. TClaps!

*Rev tried to be the Nibbler early on, by saying this workout was only rated 1 Dilly Dilly, but he’s too nice and by the end upgraded it to 8 out of 10 Dilly Dillys. So I’ve got that going for me. Which is nice. He gave the playlist 8.5 Dilly Dillys though. Here it is:

Santa Monica (Everclear)
Hard to Handle (Black Crowes)
Banditos (Refreshments)
Surrender (Cheap Trick)
Are You Gonna Be My Girl (Jet)
My Generation (The Who)
Rockin in the Free World (Pearl Jam cover)
Scarred But Smarter (Drivin N Cryin)
Don’t Change (INXS)
Jumpin Jack Flash (Stones)
Trip Through Your Wire (U2)

*Rope a Dope and team launching a new workout on the Westside called Revolution. Will be an FNG friendly boot camp at 0700 on March 10.

*Several Core pax are launching F3 Phoenix (AZ), also on March 10. Please send any names to We need a good group to get this one off the ground out in the desert.

*There is a convergence with FIA and other F3 workouts in honor and commemoration of Ruth Samuelson. It will be Friday, 0530 at Providence United Methodist. Attila will be converging as well and not meet at the usual spot.

*Keep Tesla and his family in your prayers.

*Rev with the excellent takeout.

It is always awesome to start the day like this. Nothing better than being with the Core pax!
Have a great week,

One thought on “Weatherproof??

  • January 23, 2018 at 5:58 pm

    ok… so i ran so fast that no one could catch me…right? Hmmmmm.. that sh*tty excuse gets 1 dilly dilly.

    Nibbler gave GAAP a C- at the start but upgraded him to a B+ by the end of the beatdown. However, dilly dilly’s are the new yardstick.

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