Banditos En Southendo

The thang:

1/2 mile mosey over to Worthington. Run from Worthington to South Blvd stopping for 5 burpees at every cross street totaling 50 burpees. Stop at Mattress Firm to Mary for the 6.

Mosey to the Big Ben parking lot in Southend for some four corners. Four rounds of merkins, LBCs, Squats and Choose your own adventure mary.

Back to worthington for a run back stopping for diamonds this time instead of burpees. Run down loop road to the bottom of the hill. 20 squats, backwards run to the top, 20 more squats then AYO home.


Light turnout for a bandit crowd today. My guess is that Red Foxx hyping me up on twitter may have scared off some potential pax.

4.25 miles is what i tracked today. It was a lot of running, but fun to go over to southend. May have been the farthest a bandit group has ventured in that direction #millennials.

Redd Foxx is recovering from a lung illness, but somehow still led the PAX today. He told me he was doing burpee circuits at home. That is some SERIOUS dedication.

Vamos made a huge push on the AYO home and kicked it up to hyper speed. Some others accused him of sandbagging, but I think it was just a strategic use of resources.

Thanks to Foxx for the keys and to Smokey for the strong takeout.

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