Ladder of Jacobs

Regular January morn greeted the dozen pax. 31 degrees and lots of mumble chatter. No good reason not to get down to it.

COP: SSH, IW, Plank with feet to opposite and regular hands, Merkins, Arm Circles, Dry Docks and Squats.

Partner Up – Catch me if u can to Hippie Hill with bells. 10 reverse crunch is the assignment.

Hippie Hill – face the water, Ladder Jacob with Bells.

Backwards up the hill with bell. Do # reps to match level of hill. 1 rep at first flat, 2 reps at 2nd flat up to 7 reps at top. Back to bottom.

Swings, Renegade Row, Squat Press, Tri-cep press, Lawnmower, Russian Twist, Push Press, Hammer Curls, Power to People and we are out of time.

Return to lot with your bell and circle up for:


Nice takeout by 88


Rev inspired DRM on the backwards uphill ladder after the 1.1.18 convergence experience. Crowd pleaser and there may be next day reminder left in the quad department.

Pretty quiet this morning although 10 count requests were often misplaced. And how about Bandit with the Lumberton math assignment. X-1? Is that a combo of Roman numerals and redneck numbers?

Hoedown, Marv and Rope a Dope were out front all day. We wont talk about who the pax waited on every single circuit. That would not be nice would it, Rev?

Extra credit to Marv for the extra 250 merkins he pounded out at COT.


Westside workout is cranking up on Saturday 3.10.18 at Revolution Park 0700. Rope a Dope and Pipeline are site Q’s. Recruit some FNGs to build this site. Core thinking about a convergence to kick things off.

F3 Phoenix is also cranking up on 3.10.18. Send in names of any potential pax to


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