Midtown Beat Down

11 strong swam with the sharks this morning.  Here’s what we did.

Extra Credit:

  • Quick mosey to the Target deck
  • 10 merkins and up the stairs to the top
  • Across the top to the far wall for 20 hip slappers
  • Back across the top to opposite stairs and to the bottom
  • 5 burpees at the bottom
  • Back to the start and repeat 3 more times for a total of 4 rounds
  • Mosey back to lot to pick up 5:30 crew

5:30 Crew:

  • COP with SSH x 20, Mountain Climbers x 15, and Plank Jacks x 15
  • Over to the greenway.  5 diamonds at first light pole and then 5 diamonds at every other light pole all the way to the clock tower
  • Collect the PAX. Then 15 dips IC and 10 derkins IC
  • Quick mosey over to the MegaDeck
  • Ladder of 7s up full ramp with hand release merkins at the top and sumo jump squats at the bottom
  • Little mary to collect the PAX
  • Slide over to the Forever Stairs
  • Round 1: 6 shoulder tap merkins at the bottom, up the stairs to the top of the deck for 6 burpees and back down
  • Round 2: 12 shoulder tap merkins at the bottom, up the stairs to the top of the deck for 12 burpees and back down
  • Round 3: 18 shoulder tap merkins at the bottom, up the stairs to the top of the deck for 18 burpees and back down
  • Mary waiting on the 6 (flutters, Russian Twists)
  • Head out of MegaDeck and down Kenilworth to Harding Place
  • 20 squats, run backwards to the top, 20 LBCs, down to the bottom of other side for 20 knee ups
  • Going back the other direction.  10 merkins at the bottom, backwards to the top for 10 hand release merkins, down to the bottom of the other side for 10 wide arms
  • Head for home down Kenilworth and back to the lot for COT


Lighter numbers this morning, but more than 3 times the PAX this morning compared to Doc’s 12 degree Q in the frozen tundra last week.  Cindy was the first car in the lot this morning when I arrived.  Yesterday, at Ranger, he told me he was going to some Sweet Something workout today, but he chose the correct Thursday workout(#WiseSmartA$$).  Strong group for the first 15 this morning and no easing into anything.  Brutal combination of pain in the Target deck.  Wanted to slap the Q after the 4th set of hip slappers.  Should probably slap Stinger as well the next time I see him.  The MegaDeck never disappoints, and today was no different.  The Forever Stairs always seem to suck out loud, especially when followed by a gazillion burpees at the top.  During the mary after the stair circuit, the PAX had trouble counting the cadence, and did not count at all during the Russian Twists.  They were either tired or bored or both.  The goal today was to provide a full body beat down.  That was definitely accomplished for me.

Good to see Barker at the Tank this morning, and glad Eagle Scout was able to find us for his first dip.  Keep our F3 brothers heading to Peru tomorrow in your prayers.  They will be doing some fine work and experiencing some incredible fellowship.

A new Saturday workout will be launching March 10th on the west side at Revolution Park.  See flyer.

Revolution Flyer.

Always an honor.


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