A bunch of Sofa Kings and other runners gathered in the Christ Church parking lot on Tuesday, each determined to outwit #Cantore. They all succeeded. Noted absence was Sprinkle, which would have been appropriate given the weather (or lack thereof).


Out of the lot, up Providence to the hut by Gold Man for dips x 15, derkins x 10

Continue down Queens to Edgehill Park & plank to collect the 6.

Partner up….10 handslap merkins each with each partner then running up opposite sides of the park, meeting at the top for 10 leg throws each. Back down to the bottom & plank.

Repeat with 10 handslap merkins & 10 derkins at bottom, 10 leg throws at the top, back down…..plank

Repeat with 10 handslap merking, 10 derkins & 10 squats, 10 leg throws at the top, back down….plank

Plank & mary for the six

Head up and out of the park, past the Duke Mansion, out to Providence and then AYG back to the house for an on-time arrival.

4.2 miles. No rain. Shorts & T-shirts. Plentiful banter.


So it was nice to sweat again in the morning. When YHC woke up & turned my alarm off, I heard rain hitting the window and thought that might make for a low turnout. Not at RR, everyone was ready to go, as usual. Solid crowd out there to include a slew of BRR Sofa Kings (t-minus 8 months) and irregulars like Paula, Orlando & The Show, who I hope we will see more of. Average pace was 7:15, so RR is no longer FNG friendly (and hasn’t been for awhile actually).

Nice take out by Egypt & off we went. As an aside….a friend of mine passed away tragically about a year ago and his wife shared a simple phrase at his funeral that he used to use often. I thought of it today & thought I’d share….”Make a great day”. Sounds like an Oprah bomb, and it might be to a degree, but the take away is the same. Make these days the best days you can to the degree that you can.

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