86 this and 69 that

15 men started and 13 finished on time…1 DNGAF and found his own way home and the Sparta Wall got the best of another.


Run around the school to the Wall, which hasn’t been hit a while.   Cold weather and long sleeves are better for the wall so the arms aren’t bleeding too much after we scale it.   1/2 the pax scaled it the others pussed out and ran around.  Next time 100% of the pax must go over, even if we need to help each other up and over like in a Spartan race.   No excuses.

Quick COP with SSH, Merkins, Peter Parker, Merkins.

Down through the field and into butterfly park for the first circuit.  10 Pull ups and 10 burpees X 3 rounds.

Bee line up Elmhurst to south blvd stopping at each intersection for 10 burpees (7 total).   Mary to collect the pax.

South on South to Marsh Rd and right into the heart of #SMillenialend to the Rail Trail.   South on the trail for a block with several stops for merkins and squats until you hit the Lightrail maintenance yard / art installation.  50 LBC’s OYO.

Continue south on South until we hit Hartford Rd and i offered to treat the pax to Grilled Steak Sammys at the corner Greek eatery, no takers.  Head west on Hartford into the darkness stopping at each intersection for 15 merkins…until you hit Sedgefield Elementary School backside parking lot….6 stops.  Mostly downhill and Lee/Thin Slice crushed it with Snots (Sparta newbie) right on their tail.

Mary while we wait for 10 seconds until a car pulls into the lot and the pax scrambles.   69 that idea…i mean 86 it.

Run through the school hopping fences, admiring the school “track” painting lanes in the bus parking lot and out to Marsh Rd.   Right out of the school for a about 1/4 mile then turn into dead end street to go wake up some SoSedge neighbors with Squats…backtrack out to Marsh and head north until we hit Winston pl, right on Winston heading to Sedgefield Rd.  Gather at Sedgfield rd intersection planking for the 6.  At this point the PAX was so turned around they just had to trust me….2 minutes left and they didn’t realize how close to home we actually were.

AYG down Sedgefield Rd into the side entrance of SMS, down to the home lot for 15 burpees OYO to complete the punishment today….right on time for 13 of us.



If you don’t know, now you know.  2018 is the year of the burpee for YHC (20,000 for the year) so need to hit at least 55 per day.  We did 115 today…BAM ahead of schedule.  However we also did 4 miles today (according to my watch, 3.7 according to others).   So the heart rate got no rest today….redlined most of the workout if you gave it a good college try.

We ventured into a never before seen part of Sedgefield and it wasn’t that bad…minus some of the maze on Marsh Rd.  Pate needs to have more faith in the Q to lead us to the home land….instead during the slight detour he said F-this and humped his own route home (the LOOONNG route down Marsh to Park).   The Pax was nice enough to wait for him in the lot before we prayed it out…Pate had the honors of course and nailed it.

In the midst of trying to catch my breathe and dodge the lone car in the school parking lot I tried to use slang for “scratch that”….the correct term is “86 that” but for some reason i shouted “69 that” and Lee and Slice immediately assumed the next thing was partner work, ASSUME THE POSITION.  Good laughs had by all.

Schredder hurt his back scaling the wall and headed home after that….at least he tried it you wienies.

FNG Wilson Durham joined us today.  Friend of Dover.  Impressive performance in his first post…next time he’ll bring gloves.   For no relevant reason we named him Stormy (Daniels)….too timely not to pass up.     At least he can afford some gloves with that $130K.

Doobie the human calculator said his internal counter self-destructed at 115 burpees and couldn’t tell us the count on other exercises.   So it was a good workout!

Pate with a great satirical but meaningful takeout.   Keep the boys going to Peru in your prayers and help them do great things down there.

Thanks for the keys Slice and Doobie.   Hope we passed the Lee Audit this morning.


4 thoughts on “86 this and 69 that

  • January 26, 2018 at 2:55 pm

    Great beat-down this morning, but your annual burpee challenge is stupid and I think you should stop.

  • January 26, 2018 at 4:50 pm

    I knew your first workout back would be an ass kicking. Sorry I missed it!

  • January 26, 2018 at 5:29 pm

    Yeah, it’s the whole risk/reward thing when scaling an unusually abrasive brick wall installed over a pool of concrete. The only reason I’d do it is to avoid Redd calling me a p_ _sy. But I wasn’t there. He didn’t call me a p_ _ sy. He called you a p_ _sy. That’s wrong, Redd. That’s wrong.

    The This.Is.Sparta wall is stupid. Spartans are run over soft grassy fields, cow dung and bacteria-infested black water. I’m just sayin’, it’s different.

    20,000 burpees. Is that really necessary?!

  • January 26, 2018 at 8:42 pm

    That’s a loaded question, Fish. Is it necessary for Foxx to drink his own urine? No, but he does it anyways because it’s sterile and he likes the taste.

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