Parking Deck Free Workout

You know you’re late posting a BB when EZ beats you to the punch.  Now that the Ranger BB is up, here’s what happened a few miles down the road for 19 other men:

The Thang:

  • EC with Rhapsody, KC and (I’m guessing) Stinger.  It was probably amazing.  I was sleeping.
  • Warm up lap around the track, 1/2 of it backwards
  • COP:
    • SSH IC x23 (GOAT), 5 burpees OYO
    • Mtn Climbers IC x15, 4 burpees OYO
    • Merkins IC x15, 5 burpees OYO
    • Peter Parkers IC x14, 4 burpees OYO
  • Mosey to RMS entrance:
  • Run to Sharon Amity with 5 wide-arms and 5 sumo jump squats at each cross street
  • Run to Colwick with 5 diamonds and 5 Russian twists (optional for the young guys, apparently) at each cross st
  • Mosey to the forbidden Sonic deck, but DO NOT step foot onto their property.  Relax, Sonic, we see you.
  • AYG back to Sharon Amity
  • Mosey to parking lot at 319 Sharon Amity Rd (classic Promo workout spot)
    • Set of 11s(ish) with hand-release merkins at the bottom of the hill and knee-ups at the top
    • Stop when the fast guys are done
  • Mosey back to Colwick
  • Run to Water Oak Road with 5 diamonds and 5 Russian twists at each cross st
  • AYG back home for COT

The Skine:

  • Rhapsody and Narc dominated.  The #accountabilityrun team of Dredd, Checkpoint and Stinger were not far behind.  Maybe they’re on to something there.
  • No hugs this morning.  KC was mad at this workout, and let us know it.  A lot of chatter, some refuseniks and anger throughout.  In other words, a typical F3Metro workout.  Welcome to the low road, KC.  You’re in good company down here.  #Ranger
  • Despite it being 32 degrees, Narc showed up in a t-shirt and shorts.  No hat, no gloves, no long sleeves.  He lost a few fingers, but impressed us with his toughness.
  • Please keep in mind 28 of our F3 brothers, who are heading to Peru for a few weeks to help out down there.

Thanks for the keys, guys.  I had a great time.

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