Get Outside Mountain Relay: Preview Day 2018


F3 Metro has conquered the Ultimate Mud Run, Spartan Races, Tough Mudder, the BRR, the P200, GoRuck, etc.  Now is the time for Metro to claim the title of F3 champions of the next big CSAUP for F3 Nation, the Get Outside Mountain Relay (GOMR).  While GOMR itself doesn’t take place until the first weekend in June, YHC is preblasting a one-of-a-kind opportunity to preview one or even two legs of the course on March 17 with the race director and member of F3 Nation, Don King.  Details follows below:

Date: March 17, 2018 (yes, that is St. Patrick’s Day, but you’ll be home for the bar crawl)

Start Time: 8:00 AM

Where: GOMR Nation, Glade Valley, NC

Cost: Free

How do I sign-up?  Glad you asked.  Just visit this link:

Now, indulge YHC in a few words about the GOMR itself.

For those who’ve had their heads in the sand for the past couple of months, the GOMR is a 208 mile, mountainous relay race like no other.  What sets GOMR apart, other than elevation changes that make the BRR seem more like the P200, is the unique, hub-and-spoke system that the relay utilizes.  Think of this: all the mileage of a relay and all the 2nd F of a BRR transition zone, but no van rental, no trying to catch an hour of sleep in the backseat of the van, no frantically searching through the back of a van at 3 AM looking for your headlamp, you get the idea.   GOMR takes care of all that.

You might be asking yourself: how is that possible?  Well, YHC will just leave it to Don King, the Head GOMR himself to explain:

Get Outside Mountain Relay is a Hub Relay.  A Hub Relay is where the start and the finish are in the same location.  GOMR will start and end on the campus of Blue Ridge Christian School (GOMR Nation).

What?  No vans?  How does that work?

GOMR is a relay race where we are taking care of the transportation (shuttling) of the Gomers to their exchanges.  This reduces a tremendous stressor for teams.  No longer does someone have to stay up all night.  No longer does someone have to navigate unfamiliar roads.  No longer do teams have to worry about getting their security deposit back.  We only want you to have a great time and run.

Think of a tire.  The Hub is GOMR Nation where Gomers rest, have fun, and live as a community.  It is the logistics headquarters of GOMR.  The Spokes are where GOMR Volunteers will be taking Gomers out to their start legs and bringing them back to the Hub when their leg is done.  And the tire is the beautiful and challenging mountain course of GOMR.

GOMR is a road race where teams of between 4-12 runners (Gomers) will rotate through 36 legs, as they run 208 miles around Alleghany County, NC.

  • The course is a 104-mile loop, beginning and ending at GOMR Nation.  The loop will be completed twice for the 208-mile relay.
  • GOMR Nation is the Start, Leg 18 exchange, and the Finish.  Therefore, Leg 1 is also 19, Leg 2 is also 20, Leg 3 is also 21, Leg 4 is also 22, etc.
  • The one Exchange rule is that an exchange has to happen at each Exchange.  Teams can pick whatever rotation works best for them to complete the race.
  • Depending on the speed of your team, the race will take between 20 and 35 hours to complete.

Now that you understand the GOMR difference, let’s get to the nitty gritty: the details.

When: June 1 – 2, 2018

Where: Blue Ridge Christian School, Allegheny County, NC


YHC will be on the mountain for the Preview Day and GOMR itself.  YHC hopes that you’ll join me!

Please reach out to YHC for more information or questions.


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