Beast Hair Monday

OK – it’s a lame BB title but there’s a lot of truth to it.

YHC took the reigns at Big Hair Monday for the first time – actually first time posting here (more on that later). Knew enough to know this workout brings out Metro’s best. In planning for today, the thought process was an unfamiliar Q following a 36-hour down pour would lead to a light Pax turnout. Nope – a strong group of 20 men (with an emphasis on “strong”) was ready to roll @ 5:30 AM.

The Thang
Cross over East Blvd., down Lombardy to New Hope
X-Fit Merkins, Jump Squats, LBC’s x 10 each OYO
Run down New Hope to tennis courts’ parking lot

COP Part 1
SSH/ Mtn Climbers/ Flutter x 20 each I/C

Follow road to other side (mosey past baseball field to entrance road leading to Train Lot)

Run to side parking lot on right before Train, stop 3 times (Crosswalk/ Speed Bumps) for:
X-Fit Merkins, Jump Squats, LBC’s x 10 each OYO

COP Part 2
Diamonds/ Copperhead Squats/ Heels to Heaven x 15 each I/C

Line up at speed bump before Train Lot

The Beast
Run around Train Lot, stopping at each median (3 total) on both sides (6 stops total)

6 reps OYO of called exercise at each stop

6 rounds (different exercise each round):
Merkins/ Knee-ups/ Plank Jacks/ Squats/ LBC’s/ Burpees

Plank for the six after each round

Cross over bridge to lower brick wall
2 rounds of Dips & Derkins I/C

Return to Train Lot
Suicides: from back of lot to each median – ending @ yellow speed bump on other side

Mosey back to front – stopping 3 times for increasing reps of OYO squats (10/15/20)

Plank at stop sign before heading home
Mary: Dolly/ Rosalita x 15 each I/C

Jail Break to the gravel lot

Prayers and thoughts for Pax serving on Mission trip in Peru

Valdez put in a shout-out for MIP. He’s got the Q this Saturday and is bringing is 12 y/o son and encouraged others to do the same.

Piggybacking off Valdez’ announcement, YHC mentioned Fortitude, the Tuesday AM workout at the Men’s Shelter of Charlotte. Both Fortitude and MIP are amazing workouts. You think you are going there to help better someone else’s world but often it is you that comes out for the better.

Again, a lot of beasts in the Gloom this morning: Snap Fade out in front all morning & TD running with him for the most part. Also, Toga & Sweetbriar wearing their smoke boots.

Today’s war daddy Valdez crushed it. YHC has only crossed paths with him at Achilles Last Stand, one of the stronger Core workouts. Very impressed with Valdez work today. He was in the thick of it all morning.

Appreciated Tryon’s pseudo cross-town trip to visit Dilworth from his gated world in Barclay Downs. The Gloom is a bit brighter when Tryon’s in the Pax.

Overall great mix of Pax today including Metro legends, young guns, Respects and Hates. T-claps to Smokey for the take-out.

So YHC lives on the other side of C-Rock which makes the trek to Freedom Park longer than most AO’s in Metro. Know it’s a weak excuse but just shooting straight. Had intentions of posting @ BHM long before today – glad it finally happened.

Back in the day as a Fortress Site-Q, YHC could always count on Stogie to be part of the Q rotation. It was a no-brainer when Stogie included me on his BHM Q signup invite. Truly awesome to be a part of the BHM Pax and lead these beasts through an incredible AO.

Appreciate Stogie giving me the keys today and to the Pax for their support.

What a great way to kick start the week!


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