MIP: Burpee Self-Love

15 took off for the Best Hour Of Your Week from CRM on Saturday at 900. Here’s what they did to get better.

The Thang

  • True to tradition, the speaker came out and we did a little jazzercise to get things started. Did some traditional COP (SSH, Imperial Walkers, Squats, etc.) during the verse and every time “I Love Myself” was sung by Kendrick Lamar the pax dropped for a burpee. By my count, 14 total in 3:51, not a bad start for the day.
    • Kept the soundtrack going for most of the workout, with songs that were fun to work out with but had a recovery connection too, including:
      • Under The Bridge, RHCP;
      • Amazing, Aerosmith
      • Sober (duh), P!nk;
      • Not Afraid, Eminem…
  • Mosey down 1st Street to Frazier Park, lunge-walk over the bridge and gather in the Memorial Garden near the benches.
  • Partner up, one partner runs the short loop up to 4th street, down the stairs, and back to the park, while the other performed:
    • Dips on the benches
    • Step-ups on the benches;
    • Incline merkins on the benches (is there a word for this? Irkins?)
    • LBCs
  • Did a little Mary:
    • Bicycles
    • Low-slow-flutters
    • Rosalitas
  • Ran a Loop around the soccer field, gather on the sideline:
    • A few rounds of sideline-to-sideline karaoke;
    • Sideline-to-sideline backward runs;
  • Mosey back up 1st to CRM, stopping mid-hill to collect the pax, and the men locked arms to walk the final 100 yards in. No man left behind.


I judge myself. Every time I post to CRM, it’s literally the highlight of my day/week/month. And then Saturday morning distractions take over, and months pass before I’m back. I’m going to work on not letting that happen again, because it really is the most fulfilling thing I’ve found. These men (and the F3 pax who are out there too) are an inspiration. Every. Single. Time.

This workout, even more than others, combines a spiritual component that is special. Watching The Promises come through in the lives of these men (and in our own) is constantly special.

The pax took a moment of reflection at the Memorial Garden. YHC always feels a little tension about using sacred grounds for workouts, but with a head-nod of somberity to the losses and lives that are memorialized in that space, it feels “right” to honor their memories with our work.

Had some great new rescues out there: welcome to FNG’s “The Greek,” “Chef,” “Gator,” and “Halftime.” Thanks for letting us all be a part of your journey, and for being part of ours.

Finally, while YHC has been a sporadic attendee, no matter when I show up: you can’t miss Deer Tick or Marv. T-Claps for their leadership and dedication, it’s an inspiration to be better.

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