Old school WIB

Bringing back a classic – from the time when Waco and Haywood still led (and posted to) WIB, numbers were problematic, occasionally Sweeper Boy brought out the Bomb box, The Nibbler suggested every FNG be nicknamed Porno…etc.  And no, not the duck walk.

The Crescent Moon

No partners, no opening mile, and high reps – true you versus you.

Run into the park. Run the Crescent Moon with stops as follows:

Stop sign – 40 LBCs.

Tennis courts – 40 Merkins.

Dumpster – 40 squats.

Playground – 30 dips and 10 pull-ups.

Continue running the route and repeat stops until 6:10, or whenever needed to arrive back at the gravel lot at 6:15.

So if you haven’t been to WIB in awhile (and it appears you haven’t), here’s a throwback.

– Kirk


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