Why not hit them all?

8 men joined me for today’s installment of the The Phoenix. Here’s what we did:


Run to the classic Phoenix warm-up spot where the Dilworth Rds meet up for some SSH, Merkins and Squats

Run down Romany straight to the MegaDeck. Up the stairs and ramp once each with 10 merkins and 20 DOUBLE COUNT mountain climbers at both the top and bottom of each. Mary to collect the 6. Partner up and wheelbarrow up the steps to exit the deck.

Run up the dead president’s hill with 10merkins and 20 mt climbers at each cross street and the top. Mary to collect the 6.

3 sets of 10 derkins, 20 dips, 30 LBCs on the People’s wall. Grab partner again for another wheelbarrow up the steps next to the People’s market.

Head down east, right on Dilworth rd, right on Buchanan and down to the base of Waverly. 3 trips up Waverly with 10 merkins and 20 mt climbers at top and bottom each time. Mary to collect the 6.

Straight shot home from there. 10 merkins when back at home base to get the count to 200.

When brainstorming what to do last night my 3 very boring, non-creative ideas were MegaDeck, Dead Pres Wedge or Waverly. I feel like these are probably the most popular sights in the area (Waverly probably the most overlooked) so I thought why not try and hit them all. As we ran down Romany, there was plenty of speculation whether we were heading to the Wedge or the MegaDeck and I was instantly glad I could deliver on both. Once we started the Merkin/Mt Climber combos I quickly realized I’m either the slowest Mt Climber out there, or double count is a foreign concept as I was left in the dust before we even started running. Doobie’s Q experience shined through severeal times during the workout. After finishing up the work on the People’s wall, he commented that there was a nice long stairway right next to the wall so we quickly audibled and added an extra wheelbarrow and at the end of the workout he informed me we were at 190 merkins so we added a quick 10 to hit the 200 count. Doobie and Paula our front most of the morning. I got 3.5miles on my watch, but the apple watches recorded 3.7. Have you ever noticed the Apple watches seem to consistently show more mileage? Gotta make your customers feel good I guess… to think I was worried Apple might fall apart without Steve Jobs… Good work by all this am.

Superbowl will be held this SUNDAY night – Just wanted to clarify as Skyline had it in his calendar for Monday night, welcome to America Skyline.

Hot Chocolate 15k – Forgot to mention, my bro informed me this weekend that there’s a 15k that starts at Memorial stadium on 2/10 called the Hot Chocolate 15k. I’m considering it, would love to have some company if anyone is feeling up for it let me know…

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  • February 1, 2018 at 11:12 am

    I noticed yesterday that The People’s Wall had been torn down. Almost as disappointing as Doobie’s attendance record at my Q’s…

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