Crescent Moon

Bit of a throwback WIB this AM for the 15 that posted for The Crescent Moon.  Simple but effective workout.

The Thang

Run into the park to begin circuit with stops as follows for exercises:

Stop sign – 40 LBCs
Tennis courts – 40 merkins
Stop sign – 40 LBCs
Dumpster – 40 squats
Playground – 30 dips & 10 pull-ups
Dumpster – 40 squats

Repeato until 6:13 – then run it back to the gravel lot for COT.  Stat with the takeout!


Biddleville – today at 4:30 – mentoring / reading / helping kids – still need more guys
SMR – YHC looking for a couple more to fill out team for Smoky Mtn Relay on April 21-22.
GOMR – Same as SMR.  Seems like a cool race.  No van rental, just camping out in the mountains on June 1-2 between runs.


Curly led from wire to wire, getting in 4 full laps.  Doobie kept him honest, with Tommy Lee and Want Ad (calves!) not too far behind him.  I believe everyone got in at least 3 laps, and most somewhere in between, with mileage of +/- 3.5 to 4.5.  For the math challenged, total rep counts:

120-160 merkins
240-320 LBCs
240-320 squats
90-120 dips
30-40 pull-ups

Lot of midwife noises, though nowhere near Nibs decibel levels, during the merkin sets.  And absolutely no one cheated themselves.  No Nibs.  No Waco / Haywood.  No Sweeper / Bomb box, but it was good to see Doc(k) back at WIB.  He jumped in with Team Orange (YHC so named due to plethora of Cavs / Tigers paraphernalia) with FG, Mutiny, and Jeeves for a nice long political discussion.  Jeeves was back out for his first post in a month.  Didn’t seem to have lost a step, yet.  YHC hasn’t been to Sparta in forever, so first time seeing Snuki / El Cuba Libre in awhile.  Snuki tweaked something, so TAP for nothing major / quick recovery.  Fortunately, Chair Thrower’s first post since last week seemed not to set back his knee.

Finally, lots of comments in COT regarding YHCs pants (not tights).  Believe Curly said “you can almost tell his religion”…almost.  Great transition into announcements and Stat’s takeout.

Appreciate the keys, Chair Thrower.  Great to be a regular back at WIB.

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