Inside Information

The Thang:

Up Colony stopping at all streets for alternating diamonds and wide arms. Down Tranquil to Hillside. Partner Up. One guy goes up Hillside to Willow Oak and returns, other guy does Q dog hill and touches park Rd Montessori School trailer and meets partner in the middle for 20 handshake merkins, flap jack, do it 3 times. Gather up and run to back of Park Rd shopping center ( Reese Rd) for some hill work. 5 x up- wheelbarrows, backwards, belly sprints, gather up. Up Runnymede to church on corner of Selwyn. Serious ab work session- 30 and 25 j lo’s, rt’s, and reaches. On your feet and down Runnymede to back MPHS entrance, pick up EZ Rings, and AYG down MPHS X-country path back to COT. Good mileage, good upper body and good ab work.


Im tired. Ok, I admit it. When you Q, you are pumped up. You have adrenaline, you know the plan. You dont get tired. Today, I am tired and sore. Lots of strong efforts out there. How Lee and Fishwrap can crush Worm and then tackle Mustang with the vigor they did today is beyond me. Curly and Superman had a good push home to show they still had gas in the tank. The Q dogs hills were muddy and its amazing how scared some of the Mustang guys were about dirtying up there new Asics. Guys, its an outdoor workout. Kill me for not checking the conditions first. Hated that swamp wasnt there today- all workouts are better when he posts. Towards the end of the Q dog massacre, I told Waco to stay up at the top of Hillside knowing that we were headed that way and not wanting up to start any bitch session. Well the “fair police” thought that was bullish t because they didn’t have that inside information. Shank was a surprise show as i thought he was going to be prepping for PWW lead on Monday am. It was fun watching the Benefactor/Lee race all morning. I had a good vantage point from behind. Great to see my old friend and workout partner NarrDog. He was suffering towards the end but there was never a doubt that he would finish strong. Like how benefactor and Shank were highfiving over there Va Tech victory over my Heels. They acted like they were saying it quietly but they knew I would hear them. Hokies and Wolfpack had a god wee against us. BUT, we are still  the champs and Duke will flame out early again this year. Make are you spend some time with Guey. Now that he’s not wearing the hoodie any more, he is much more approachable. Great guy who’s picking up his cardio. He and Waco are lifting buddies. Thought I heard Smokey trying to sing the theme song for Rocky but it sounded more like a Heart song. As we approached the MPHS x-country trail, there was a dude doing hill sprints and he looked jacked. Turns out it was our own EZ Rings who showed up at 715 ( late visit to the throne) and couldn’t find us. Apparently, AG saw him multiple times on spacklers but he refused to be seen doing a workout led by Rook.

Smokey, thanks for the awesome takeout. I care about each and everyone of you. Go out and tell someone how much they mean to you today.


P.S.  Watch out for the Tide’s hoops team in March Madness.  #basketballschool They already beat a #4 tamu team and crushed #11 Oklahoma on Saturday.  I wish the Heels were as good.  Just sayin’

P.P.S.  I heard a some metro bada$$es were headed back to OBX in late May/June to ride the wind.  Holla at Rdub if you’re interested.  I wish I was athletic enough to do that kind of stuff.

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  • January 31, 2018 at 1:29 pm

    Thx for posting for me RW. I enjoyed the shout-out to the Tide hoops team. Problem is is that Auburn is better than u guys.

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