Running from the Liquor Store

Eight men showed up in the Tuesday gloom for the latest version of SIBling Rivalry. Sump was in usual form leading the Pax both with his running lights, his speed and his mumblechatter. Actually I’m not sure if it was mumblechatter or just chatter. Sump can talk; I’m usually too O2 deprived to know about what. This morning Sump said we weren’t too far from the liquor store where a lot of the F3 Metro Pax that grew up in Charlotte used to go to buy beer when they where underage. So this workout was for those times when things go wrong and you need to have a little extra speed to chase down the dude who left with your money.

Standard format of pushing your 5k race pace for the allotted distance followed by a half distance, or less, cool down. Here is what we did:

400, 400, 800, 1200, 800, 400, 400

Pretty basic but brutal.


Great group pushing to get better this morning.  Thanks to OBT for starting this workout and for letting me tryout the Q today.



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