Super Blue Bloods

In this version Commissioner Reagan transforms into a superhero who wears a Hawaiian shirt and drives a Ferrari. Meanwhile his daughter Erin flies a helicopter (possibly invisible) while Danny and Jamie have some kind wonder-brother crime fighting power (Danny’s real superpower is his ability to stay on the police force despite a remarkably high number of officer involved shooting incidents). Still struggling with plot lines but this show is really character driven anyway.

Plenty of characters at SIB too. Speaking of which, Cindy calling out Ewok over something to do with Sibling Rivalry? I’m still confused but Ewok posts at SIB every week. Unless he has one of the Hermione Granger time things from Prisoner of Azkaban I’m not sure he runs with those guys (not that there’s anything wrong with that as Seinfeld would say). Baby Jesus back today – welcome to fast.

What we did: Warm up ~10 minutes. 5 minutes hard/2 minutes recovery (x3). 5 min jog. 1 min hard/1 min recovery (x7). Cool down about 5 minutes.

No idea on mileage. Or how fast we went on the intervals. 5 minutes is a long ways to sustain a hard pace.

Next week will be mostly on the track. TBD interval ladder – distance based. No getting lost.


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