What is Parkour?

Slaughter and several other #Fortitude regulars are growing beards, building houses and spreading the good word in Peru, so the PAX were a little light this Tuesday morning.    Nonetheless, 9 enthusiastic PAX, including 4 returning guests, shook off the morning cobwebs for a stroll to the AutoBell.   Like clockwork, here is what went down:

  • 0529 – YHC enters the shelter to find Kryptonite bright eyed and ready to go.    No wake-up call needed, as K-man was already stretching, decked out in his F3 Fortitude hoodie and spiffy running shoes. #DreddEarly.  #noSarong.   Kryponite is future Q material, just sayin’.
  • 0532 – Pipeline rolls into the lot in his white BRR-van, hauling the usual load of Winter workout clothes for the PAX.
  • 0533 – Gridlock and Toolbelt arrive, confirming that not everyone from F3 Metro is spending the week as upaid construction labor for Chicken.  #Acadiaintern
  • 0535 – Country appears from nowhere, promptly making the rounds to rouse other, less eager residents from their warm and comfy cots.
  • 0540 – Monet, Happy, Speedy and Non-Stick join us on the porch for a spirted COP.
  • 0545 – COP with SSH, Merkins, Squats, Mtn Climbers, IWs, Windmills and a few other warm up exercises.
  • 0555 – Mosey the Autobell — except for Monet, who refuses to mosey but instead demonstrates his Usain Bolt sprinting skills.
  • 0556 – Partner up for several rounds of 4 corners, which include handslap merkins, squats, jumping lunges, diamond pushups, Dollys, Rosalitas, Heels to Heaven, Russian twists, and other enjoyable core exercises.
  • 0615 – Mosey back to the Shelter entrance for COT.
  • 0618 – (Not so) subtle reminder from Pipeline that the workout ends at 0630.
  • 0619 – Panic, trying to recall what Cannoli and Coach would do in this situation for a time suck.
  • 0620 – Call out little baby crunches, followed by standing around and mumbling to myself.  #coachspecial.
  • 0622 – Do 5 burpees in honor of Slaughter (at the insistence of Country).  #crowdpleaser.
  • 0624 – Do widearm Merkins, plankjacks and a few other slow-count core exercises as further time suck.
  • 0626 – Stare intently at full, blood-red Moon.
  • 0627 – Claim watch is broken and call COT.


Great to see so many residents join the workout on a dark, cold January morning.  Winter months can be a grind in F3, but Country and Pipeline are great at keeping the shelter resident engaged and excited to join the workouts each week.  I don’t think Kryponite and Happy have missed a workout all Winter!

After COT, Monet approaches Pipeline and YHC to suggest that we help him start F3 Parkour.   I thought, ‘sure, many of our workouts are in a Park.  so why not?!.’    Turns out, Parkour has nothing to do with a workout in park.  Instead, it is some type of obstacle summiting, Spider-Man like, mud-run workout.   Thus, I suggested Monet speak with TD to see if we can bring back F3 Gauntlet. #goosepoop.

Always great to workout with the men at Fortitude.  If you haven’t posted, add it to your 2018 bucket list.

Finally, prayers to our brother, Kryponite, whose sister is terminally ill and not expected to survive.   She is his only sibling and the only living member of his immediate family.  Please lift them up in your prayers.


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