New name – 8@(5k race pace + 2min)

Ya’ll, this isn’t the accountability run. If you want to tempo in the middle, please do. However, a 7:35-8min/mi 8 mile run isn’t really doing much for you guys already running 30+ miles a week and a weekly long run (unless you are a17 min 5k guy). Save energy for key workouts. Slow it down. Below I’ll give you your “easy run” paces…


17 min 5k -> 7:28/mi or slower

18 min 5k -> 7:48/mi or slower

19 min 5k -> 8:06/mi or slower

20 min 5k -> 8:26/mi or slower


That on top of consistent long runs and tempos are my new pet peeves. Don’t have to be yours… just sharing. Happy to geek out with folks if your really interested. I do think it will help you stay injury free and improve 😉


The Thang:

The Thang:

The 2 – Start South on Providence Road (towards Sweet Six AO), Left onto Colville Road  (0.5 mi), Left onto Cherokee Place (1.2 mi), Left onto Providence Road (1.6 mi), Continue past AO,

The 6 – Veer left on Queens Road East (2.4 mi),  Left on Roswell Avenue (3.0 mi), Right onto Sterling Road (3.2 mi), Left onto Princeton Avenue  (3.9 mi), Right in to the park past the lake ->over the bridge in to the Richie AO -> out the East Blvd entrance, Right onto East Boulevard (4.9 mi), Left onto South Kings Drive (5.0 mi), Right onto Baldwin Avenue (5.9 mi), Right onto East 4th Street / Randolph (6.5 mi), Right onto South Laurel Avenue (7.3 mi), Left onto Providence Road (7.7 mi), Arrive at Finish (8.2 mi)

5:15 start for the 8

5:30 start for the 6

As always I’ll be running an extra 4 after. Still have yet to have anyone take me up on it.

Goldman Lot


One thought on “New name – 8@(5k race pace + 2min)

  • February 1, 2018 at 7:47 pm

    I like everything you’re trying to do, are doing and eventually will do, including that sub18 you’ll run in Midweird in May.

    I will take you up on the extra 4 (and the first 8) very soon. Not tomorrow morning soon, but soon.

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