Core MD, Tabata

COP: SSH, IW, Merkins, and Squats.

Tabata: 25 seconds on-10 seconds off

4 rounds of…

  1. KB Swing
  2. Renegade Rows (R)
  3. Renegade Rows (L)
  4. KB Squat
  5. Kettlebell Press (R)
  6. Kettlebell Press (L)
  7. Upright Rows
  8. LBC’s
  9. Mt Climbers
  10.  Burpees
  11. Jump squat
  12. Hammer Curls
  13. KB Squat Press
  14. Lunge jump
  15. Merkins
  16. Tricep Extension
  17. Russian twist
  18. Rock Hoppers

I was S-M-O-K-E-D!  My F3 pax kept me going.  I need to learn how to sleep, but that is another story.  Sorry bout the music thang….

Take out by: Marv, great job!


The Westside Workout starts on Saturday 3.10.18 at Revolution Park 0700. Rope a Dope and Pipeline are site Q’s. Recruit some FNGs.  Core to help kick things off.

F3 Phoenix is also cranking up on 3.10.18. Send in names of any potential pax to

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