Counting while trying to breath… not as easy as it seems.

You’ve planned a good, solid workout.  It’s gonna be tough.  The heart rate will elevate quickly.  Breathing will be … well, sucking wind is a good descriptor.  So, note to self: DO NOT CALL EVERY SINGLE EXERCISE IN CADENCE!

A few OYO’s would have been quite helpful today as YHC lost control of the count several times.  No matter, being the experienced pros they are, the Core pax carried right on knowing exactly what to do, crushing all that was thrown at them.  Several of these “pros” were not even so winded that they couldn’t send the usual barbs and well wishes along whenever a Q screwup occurred.  Should I have expected anything less?  Of course not.  These are guys pros.  They can cruise through a beatdown AND offer up mumblechatter that will melt the heart and spirit of any less than hard core, sturdy-minded Q.  Beautiful people, they are.

The too-many-exercises-in-cadence plan went like this:

Mosey to the best grass in F3 land for warmup.  The usual: SSH, IW, MC, and Sharon Towers.

Line up on field endline.  Four exercises (like I said, all in cadence): Slow merkins, elbow jacks, dolly, and slow squats.  Start with 10 reps each and decrease by one each round.  In between rounds AYG to other end, 10 burpees, then run back.  Decrease burpees by one each trip.

Mosey to ‘under the boardwalk’ and pick out a “meaningfull-sized” rock.  Five exercises, two rounds: Russian twist, thruster press, squat curls, boat press and kneeling twist…. in cadence.

Return to start.  Enough time left for SSH x 20… yes, in cadence.

Great morning at Attila – despite a possible record low Q(uarterback) rating.

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