DMZ Rides Again! Shut up Swiper.

As I went to bed the night before I was concerned that my rule of under 50 degrees and rain might have to be violated.  Thank goodness it stopped raining before we started.  Cold and wet aint no way to go thru life….

Eleven of us left a minute early in hopes of hiding from Swiper so he could not find us.  For the first five minutes I really thought we had pulled it off but then we heard it….  Here he comes already running his mouth about something I have no idea…  Well I guess we gotta to keep him now.

Ran down that road to that school.  Stopped in the middle of a intersection and did a little COT but people rudely kept riding by and forcing out of the “public” street.  We did the SST, Squat, Mountain climbers.  Ran over to side of school(thats were swiper found us).  Did some more COT and peoples chair.  Ran to the back for some races.  Chalet won all but one where Kirk pulled it out but then he was all busted up for the rest of the morning.

Ran back around after doing some additional exercises and proceeded to complete some Suicides or which Chalet won all of those.

Ran back to that intersection and did some more stuff.  Squats, pushups, ab work.  Then we ran back down the road stoping to get stronger.

Went to Church of Charlotte parking lot for more races(Chalet won all even when I held him back).  We then did Mary.

Returned to parking lot and after one ceremonial burpee we were done!


1) Expansion:  Detroit, Phoenix, KC, Omaha, DC Area

2) Other cool stuff.

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