Shhhhh inside voices please..

20 pax including myself showed up for today’s installment of Sparta. At 5:30, several cars were pulling up and Slice informed me it was time to roll. I held off for a quick 30 sec or so, but certainly don’t want to upset the site Q and F3 rules… 5:30 sharp fellas. Thought we would stay local so that I could ensure we wouldn’t get lost like last week… here’s what we did:

Mosey over to the Rusan’s parking lot for a little SSH, Merkin, Squat warmup. Then straight shot over to the bottom of the Salem hill… backward run up the hill with 10 jump squats at the top. Cut through my hood and over to the top of Idlewood.

Four Corners – Partner up. Use the square of Lilac, Idlewood (hill), Princeton and Mega tool. Each partner goes opposite directions. 10 Merkins at each corner and each time you see your partner 10 Partner Derkins, 20 Partner sit ups. Switch directions the second time you see your partner so each gets a taste of the Megatool.

After two laps quick mosey down the Lurker to the owl bars for 3 sets of 10 pullups, 20 dips and 30 LBCs. Then head back up lurker with 10 merkins at each speed bump and 10 at the top. Head home with a few quick stops on the way for merkins and LBCs to keep everyone together. One last sprint up the hill to the school and we’ll call it a day.

Good to have CT back out in action, hope the knee held up ok today. It didn’t feel like a proper Sparta without Doobie and Bermuda… Doobie hope you heel up quick, BB? Bueller? Awesome to see some new faces out there (Snots, Tommy Lee, Broken Bell, Stormy etc) and some fast ones at that, keep coming guys. Sparta has really grown to being a solid neighborhood workout with strong numbers. Always my favorite way to cap off the week. As we approached the Lurker/Megatool area, there was a lot of whispering going on, hope the neighbors appreciated our courtesy. I had originally planned to do a second round of four corners one street over with Idlewood and Somerset as the hills but decided that may get too monotonous so I figured we’d head down the lurker and get some pull ups in at the owl bars. I gotta say I may have lost control a little on the four corners.. I felt like people were flying everywhere and I’m not totally sure what exercises were being done… I couldn’t tell who was in front and who was passing me but everyone came together after the second loop and we didn’t lose anyone. I was hoping to fit in a few more backward runs up the Salem Hill on the way home, but ran out of time. I realized this week it had been a few months since I had Qed a workout and that I need to get on the schedule more often. It also made me appreciate all the guys who Q regularly across the Metro region (you know who you are). This F3 thing doesn’t run itself so thank you for the regular Q’s and hold me accountable when I’m slacking off. Classic take out by Double Nickels, great to you have back buddy! Hope everyone got their money’s worth.

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  • February 2, 2018 at 2:59 pm

    Nice work, Dover. I hated to miss your Q & hearing I also missed the return of Double Nickels is just salt in an open wound. Bermuda told me he’s been called to A-Pac for the next 3 weeks on a covert operation running fish tanks between Japan and Thailand. I’m sure he’ll blend right in.

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