Well, It’s Groundhog Day…Again…

This morning started off like it does most every other Friday. Pax rolling in from all directions – some in cars (don’t drive angry) and some by foot.

Then, as if right on schedule, YHC’s iPhone alarm goes off and Sonny & Cher’s classic hit “I Got You Babe” starts to play.

YHC asks the Pax: “if the groundhog sees his shadow, how many more weeks of winter will we have?” Correct – six! So 6 Burpees OYO

Let’s roll. Over to the smooth side parking lot on other side of baseball field
COP: SSH/ Copperhead Squats/ Flutter x 15 each

Cross over to the front of Trinity Pres
7’s: run the new circular drop-off loop, Jump Squats & Plank Jacks

Head to the front parking lot entrance off Providence
Suicides: run back forth across the front parking lot, ending on the other side (wait there for the 6)

Mosey back to back lot where cars are parked

Then, as if right on schedule, YHC’s iPhone alarm goes off and Sonny & Cher’s classic hit “I Got You Babe” starts to play….

As a tribute to the movie Groundhog Day, repeat same workout listed above 2 more times…


Prayer requests from both Chowda (his friend) and Switchboard (his FIL). Both battling serious health issues. #TAP

So Want Ad runs in from his house (3 miles away) and first thing he asks is if we are going to be running a lot. I say ‘no’ because I truly believe we won’t go over 2.5 miles. Fast Forward 45 minutes and Razorback announces we ran 3.64 miles. Sorry WA – but you are a beast so you will be fine.

Big Worm – you’re welcome for the Plank Jacks

Got the HC from Coach last night when I ran into him @ Harris Teeter. He was actually in a deep conversation at the time, and YHC was pretty certain he had no idea what he was agreeing to. But sure enough, Coach rolls in at 5:44:30 this morning.

Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case for Chowda and Monk who strolled in late and missed the first time “I Got You Babe” played.

Couple of new faces today:
Razobrack claims it was his FNG post to Fortress but that doesn’t sound right.
Kit Kat said he lives way out in South Park near Fairview and after taking the last year off, decided to post this morning. Welcome back – and you couldn’t have chosen a better place than Fortress.
Believe Tool Belt posted to support Kit Kat, even if that’s not accurate, still glad to have you in the Pax this morning.

Extra props to Boondoggle and Stogie who endured two of my Q’s this week.

Pitino is not in a happy place when it comes the Charlotte Hornets. It comes with age my friend – YHC gave up when the OH (Original Hornets) traded away Hersey Hawkins to bring back Kendall Gill in ’95.

Can’t say enough how awesome it is to have Switchboard in the Fortress Pax! We go back a long ways, growing up on the mean streets of Eastover (28207 representing!) and we both attended UGA. Can already tell Switchboard is staking his claim at the front of the Pax – was pushing Coach on the suicides. Best of all, Switchboard took us out today with his inspirational words.

Boys – you don’t want to miss next week’s exciting episode of Fortress! It’s the big 5 Yr. Anniversary – which means it’s going to be a clip show full of the best highlights over the last 60 months.

Good work by all the Pax today. Appreciate everyone’s support for my Groundhog Day theme. Thought it would be a good change of pace from the normal workout grind. Personal highlight was during the last round of suicides when Want Ad repeated his conversation from the previous round.

Hat tip to my main man Ribeye who suggested starting each round with an alarm playing “I Got You Babe.” Just brilliant! Only question now is will there ever be another need for this Sonny & Cher ringtone? Another $1.29 down the drain…

We missed a few regulars today, including co-Site Q Backup, who are finishing up their Mission in Peru. They are scheduled to arrive back home Sunday morning. Safe travels Brothers!


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  • February 2, 2018 at 6:20 pm

    I’m just glad I didn’t have to run in and out 3x. Nice work Sump.

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