Some off campus track work

10 PAX gathered this morning for a bitterly cold edition of Indy (23 degrees).  Apparently, it was too cold for Cooler.

The Thang:

Mosey down Park Dr., stop in parking lot for COP to let HE and Farmer catch up. SSH’s, Merkins, squats.  Mosey to the Castle.  Stair suicides with escalating burpees at top and bottom of each suicide (run to first level 1 burpee; back to bottom, 1 burpee; second level, 2 burpees, back down 2 burpees, etc.) stop at the top of the Castle #crowdpleaser #thanksLee .  Total of 49 burpees.  Mary at the top.

Run to Piedmont Middle School and play frogger with a few cars.  Sorry for some of those street crossings, guys.  Head to the track behind the school and partner up.  4 laps around the track, 10 handslap merkins/20 partner sit ups when you meet your partner ; 10 derkins and 10 dips on the bleachers when you get back to start line.  Mary while we wait.

Head back toward home base.  Stop at street between Castle and Memorial Stadium.  Partner relays – 1 partner sprints halfway down the street and back while other partner does LBC’s, then knee ups, then Russian twists.

Use the tunnel to cross under Charlottetowne Ave. to the outfield.  AYG back home.

3.8 miles


Great crew out here today.  A lot of Indy regulars plus Fishwrap.  Some good mumblechatter especially once everyone warmed up – it was hard to get out of the warm car today.  So cold that Razorback decided he’d had enough about half way through.  He had hot Starbucks waiting for everyone when we got back #money.  No El Cardinale in a tutu, maybe next time.

Farmer with a nice take out.

Thanks for letting me lead guys.

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