Cold to the CORE

The PAX showed up early but were reluctant to leave the warm confines of their cars.  Once the PAX assembled we kept the action going to keep the cold at bay.  This is what we did.

  • 15 each of SSHs, IWs, Windmill, Man Makers, Jo Los, Sumo jump squats
  • to the fence for 11s leg ups and Mike Tysons
  • to the playground: 4x, knee ups – 10, step-ups – 15, pull ups – 10 and 15 deep monkey gym squats
  • to the wall: People’s Chair, 20 air presses, 5 each side one-legged squats, rise and repeat, add 10 Donkey Kicks and 10 B-to W with hip slaps
  • to the field:  Partner-up:  P#1 run up 2 cones back 1, merkin, rise and repeat, down and back.  P#2 with bell military presses and lawnmowers, flap jack.  Repeat with skipping and Greg Louganis and Russian Twists.
  • Merry:  15 each of Dollys, Low-slow flutters, Heels to Heaven, LBCs

Pleasure to Q these men!


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