Chilly Sunshine for MIP

At Saturday’s MIP workout, at the Charlotte Rescue Mission, we had a handful of the faithful and a double handful of new and returning CRM men.  We all had a great time together out in the park and roads.  Present were O’Shack Hennessey, Daisy, Deer Tick, Marv, Halftime, FNG Chris, FNG Tristan, and FNG Tony.  Here is what we did:

  • START Stretch shoulders + Hamstring + ITB + belly >> SSH
    • Tunnel (2X) Peoples Chair w Air Presses / Donkey Kicks
    • Circle Spot 10X/2X countdown + run loop: Plank Jacks / Merkins
    • B’ball Court Plank hip slaps / JumpSquats / bird dogs / Rosalitas / dying cockroach / dollies / Rock Hoppers / Reverse Plank heel taps
    • Partner Bropee / 1min Plank-situp / Handslap Merkin
    • Indian Run Home
  • END Stretch shoulders + Hamstring + ITB + belly

A good time was had by all.  Our new guys were looking strong, and we had a cool but clear, sunny day to work in.  It felt great to be out and busting our chops together, and I think we were all happy for it.  The FNGs picked up new names, and so they now are:  FNG Chris (aka Astro), FNG Tristan (aka Tobaggon), and FNG Tony (FNG Rerun).

Marv took us out with dignity and grace.

It is always a treat for me to lead this wonderful group of men.

Your Humble Correspondent, Valdez

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