Ya Done Messed Up, TM!

5 men got up extra early and a 6th man joined us for a very sad Pax showing at the possibly the last Shark Tank ever after my #SubstitQ (for an ailing Chair Thrower #TAP).  This is what we did.

The Thang

EC Round:  Up Baxter to Queens (~.5 mile), escalating chest-to-ground merkins at each intersection (x66) … Mary while we wait … Down Baxter back to Kings Drive, escalating burpees at each intersection (x66) … Mary while we wait

Main Event:  SSHs x20 to see if anybody is driving in…#nope

Run to CPCC Deck…partner up…run up opposite stairs, x20 handslap merkins at top in the middle, run back down opposite stairs, x20 sumo jump squats (OYO) at the bottom…5 “loops”…#oof

Brief Mary to catch breath and then over to Target deck:  x20 supine pull-ups at rails, up stairwell at Charlottetown/Kings, x10 burpees at top of deck, down opposite stairwell, run back to big stairwell at back of deck, bear crawl to the top and then run back to the rails…1st round together, then 4 rounds as fast as you can…#doubleoof

Wait for Hillary to finish (#respect) and then head back home (slight OT…thanks, Hillary)


Naked Moleskin:

Sorry, Curly and Slaughter, for killing the Pax numbers.  Not sure what the Pax size was the week before, but I definitely did not expect the low turnout when 5 showed up for EC.  At least Slaughter and a few regulars had the good excuse of being out of the country last week.  As for the rest of you, no clue…but your absence was mischievous, deceitful, chicanerous and deplorable.  Welp, those that did show up got their money’s worth and then some.  SFox (Ti-Mothy?) was killing it upfront all morning as usual, but that was some strong work put in by everyone present.  Tormund (“Son of a b—!”) was commenting about getting over an injury or something at the launch, but he appeared to be cruising out there just fine.  I’m sending him to O’Fishwrap-Hennessey’s office to schedule a Q sometime soon.

Shameless Plugs.  The Net is over.  #TAP  The F3 Super Bowl ad was not approved.  Maybe we can do one next year inside of a Tide ad.

Thanks, Curly, for the keys.  Hope it still works this week.


“Is there a De-nice? If one of y’all says some silly-ass name, this whole class is gonna feel my wrath. Now, De-nice?” —Mr. Garvey

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