More things change…more the faith remains

Site change…though not really.
After many months of prayer, reflection, and thought the Net is talking its talents and returning “home.”  The Panera experiment was a good one; offering much seating, a variety of breakfast option and more.

However, since the original reason for moving The Net was to EH more men, the mission might have to be chalked up as a set-back.  Therefore, rather than give up, throw in the towel, or kill another AO, the PAX has spoken.

THE NET WILL BE RETURNING TO DUNKIN’ DONUTS off Kings St. (right by the Sharktank AO).  No excuses that it is too far, that the website is incorrect,  or that the parking lot is too hard to get out of (see YHC’s car accident on Providence), just post to be faith-filled.   We continue with Jesus’ miracles, and just maybe there will be a guest Q.  See you Thursday, 6:40-7:05ish.


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