Three Wise Men

20 men showed up in the gloom for a frosty affair with the three wise men. It went something like this: Mosey over to Smashburger for COP in the back lot – SSH x25, Merkin x15, Squat x15. Mosey down the back alley onto Andover, over to Woodlark, and up to Audubon. Plank at the top of Audubon for the pax. Mosey down Audubon to Ferncliff to meet the three wise men. 1st wise man (Brady), run up  Ferncliff toward Providence to the 1st street on the right, 10 burpees, return, 25 LBC’s. 2nd wise man (Belicheck), run up Audubon to Woodlark, 15 HR merkins, return, 25 LBC’s. 3rd wise man (Kraft), run up ferncliff toward Woodlark, 20 Plankjacks at the top, return, 25 LBC’s. Repeat 3 times. Mosey back down Woodlark, up Randolph, and back to COT. Plankjack x20. Three rounds of the wise men proved to be a bit much for YHC, I had to call time after 2-2/3s. Rocky Top and a few others crushed it. Nice work all around, it was about 20 degrees, and it felt like 15. FNG Frostbite chose not to wear gloves and paid for it physically and in name.



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