Better than a bar crawl.

Just like a good bar crawl the pax hit several good bars this morning … except it wasn’t bars.  And there wasn’t any beer.  We did crawl a little bit though.  And we really did hit lots of good spots, as there are many to choose from at the ALS AO.

At ALS there is never any shortage of pre-workout conversation going on.  As such, it took three tries but YHC finally elevated the decibel level  of his voice high enough to get the gang going.  Circle up for short warmup: IW and MC, then mosey to far corner of the Selwyn teachers lot.

Short plank set, flutter kicks, slow (3 down, 1 up) merkins, Sumo squat holds, and SSH x 20.  Mosey up the ramp to north (I think) upper lot end zone.

Plank-o-rama, dieing cockroach, 12 Superman merkins, 10 jump squats, SSH x 20. Mosey to south upper lot end zone.

Plank-o-rama, Russian twist, 12 double wide merkins, monkey humpers, SSH x 20.  Mosey to corner of lower teachers lot.

Plank-o-rama, dolly, 10 diamond merkins, plank jacks, SSH x 20.  Mosey back to far corner of teachers lot.

Plank-o-rama, 10 sit ups, slow stagger merkins, rock hoppers, and SSH x 20.  Mosey down to Selwyn entrance road at Colony.

Set of 10/10/10’s moving back up the road: 10 walking imperial walkers, 10 lunges, and 10 gorilla hops.  Keep repeating until you get to left turn going up to the basketball court.  Mosey to basketball court.

At basketball court wall: 10 reverse grip inclines, 5 burpees, 20 one-leg dips, 5 burpees, 10 derkins.  Mosey up ramp to school wall.

At wall: BTW with 5 hip slaps each side, 10 donkey kicks, people’s chair with a set of LaLanne’s, 10 donkey kicks, set of decline Peter parker.  Mosey to front of school.

At school entrance, grab some curb.  10 Mike Tyson’s then bear crawl across to opposite curb and mosey back.  Rinse and repeat 5 times.  Mosey to ramp rails.

At rails: 10 closed-grip overhand inclines, 10 bar squats, 10 closed-grip underhand rows, 10 bar squats.  Mosey back to start.



Lots of announcements.  A day later I really don’t remember any of them, a consequence (and legitimate excuse) of reaching double respect.

Great morning at ALS, as it always is.

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