Slow start to the Fish Hook

10 Pax showed up and decided to follow my instructions whether they liked it or not.  Here’s what we did:

Mosey to the bottom of the castle for a quick COP (Merkins x 15, Squats x 15, MC’s x 15)

The original plan: Partner up and have 1 go up the castle, while the other runs the loop around the stadium… That was FUBAR from the get go with the construction on the loop so audible to a zipper up and down the castle with hand slap merkins x 10 each floor on the way up and partner derkins each floor on the way down.

Mary at the bottom then mosey to the Greenway for figure 8’s with burpees at the top and dips at the bottom

Head to the Lizzy Luker and wheel barrow up to the light.

AYG home


Believe it or not I did have a plan this morning, unfortunately I failed to do any recon and the loop was closed so what was supposed to be a loop turned out to be more of a fishhook.  Always nice to have the Champ and Swamp in your ear when things like this happen.  Reminds you that things don’t always go your way.  To Cindy’s credit, I do believe he mentioned that the road was closed just as we were heading out. Granted it was not loud enough to stop us (he didn’t want to deny himself the look of defeat on my face when I returned).

Despite the false starts, I think it turned out alright.  I’m tired and hope you are too.  Thanks to BoyScout for the take out.  Adios Amigos


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