A Nice Stroll Around The Lake

“I don’t often post at Meltdown, but when I do, I love to Q”.  (That way I get to do what I want … which is mainly to avoid snatches and other horrific KB exercises that others often include in their play list.)

So it was, all my favorites on a perfect morning, with a perfect group of pax (yes, you too Skoal) and a perfect playlist (great tunes by DJ RevFlo).

Warmup: SSH x 15, IW x 15, and MC x 15.  Grab bell and mosey to the lake.

15 KB swings, 10 goblet squats, 10 thruster rows, 8 power to the people presses each arm, 15 swings.  Partner up.  Circling lake, partner 1 runs to next stop and does 5 burpees; Partner 2 farmer carry both bells to meet up with P1.

15 KB swings, double protractor, 10 thruster rows, 8 woodchops each side, 15 swings.  Flapjack farmer carry / Run to next stop with 5 burpees.

15 swings, 6 rack squats each side, 10 thruster rows, 12 tricep press, 5 swings.  Flapjack partner routine to next stop.

15 swings, 8 1-arm deadlifts each arm, 10 thruster rows, 8 kneeling presses each arm, 15 swings.  Flapjack partner routine to next stop as we continue to circle the lake.

15 swings, polish twist, 10 thruster rows, 10 lawnmower curls each arm, 15 swings.  Continue partner routine.

15 swings, chest press dolly, 10 thruster rows, 20 butt up chest presses, 15 swings.  Partner routine back to parking lot.  6:15 on the dot.


A new workout coming as F3 Metro expands to the west side.  Led by Rope-a-dope and others, Revolution kicks off March 10 at Revolution Park – 7 a.m. on Saturdays.  Core will converge there on day 1, March 10.

An MVP is now on the market and some very lucky company is soon to have Rev Flo Rider on their team.  Caught up in a non-compete agreement/disagreement, Rev was unable to start new position this week and is now the most sought after free agent since Labron was contemplating where he was next taking his talents.  But even Labron’s talents can’t match Rev’s talents.

Great morning at the best place in F3 Metro if you’re looking for a Meltdown workout.

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