Classic WIB

7 showed up for a Classic WIB know as Hamburger Hill (I think).

Mosey through the park to the Nature Museum.  Partner up.  One runs the loop stopping for 7 burpees at the top of the driveway while the other grinds out 10 merkins, 10 diamonds, 10 widearms, 20 squats, 25 LBCs.   We made it through 8 rounds.  Stopped on the way back for some dips and Freddie Mercurys. 3.2 miles of grind

I don’t get to WIB as much as I used to (even though I live about a 4 iron away from the launch) because I’ve taken to riding a bike real fast in the dark some Tuesdays, just not when it’s 29 degrees.  I’ve noticed however that the old classic WIB workouts had somewhat disappeared.  So after a classic call of the crescent moon last week by Kirk, I thought I would dig up another classic.  But guess what, F3 IT has yanked all of the old backblasts.  You can’t dig up old workouts! (hint) So I did the next best thing and reached out to the WIB creator for his list.  Turns out that list is a sheet of paper stuffed in a drawer which isn’t accessible when he’s out of town on business….oh well!  So I vaguely recalled this one that ran circles by the nature museum and went with that.


Tommy Lee

2 thoughts on “Classic WIB

  • February 8, 2018 at 2:12 pm

    Tommy Lee. Nice call! Any variation of Hamburger Hill is solid.

    • February 8, 2018 at 9:06 pm

      This was a well timed beaut, Mr Lee. Apparently there is a link somewhere to all the old WIB BB’s somewhere other than Waco’s sock drawer. I’ll try to get it to you. Glad to have you with us instead of charging up dark road on two wheels.

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