Promilles last

5:15 Extra credit – Ice led some Jazzercise on the disks in front of the school.  I’m sure it was fun and good for you.

5:30 gather up and head to back of the school for COP…a few minutes to get lose and then off to Linda for 8’s (yes 8) with burpies at top and diamonds at the bottom. Back to field, partner up, grab pavers…partner 1 run down and back, partner 2 push press w paver, flapjack.  Round 2 same thing.  Round 3 tricep extensions.  Then to disks…20 box jumps, 10 derkins, 20 dips, 10 hip slappers, lap around drop off circle x 3.  Finish off with some sprints in bus lot.

Odd morning, I got the call from Rhapsody at the last minute to step up to Q (guess he ran  out of options). But you don’t say No to Rhap.  Anyway, when I arrived, there was some strange Ice 9 cadence coming from in front of the school…come to find out he’s been buying into Jazzercise and Stinger, Spooky and Foreclosure had to endure his Jazzy teachings.

LP and I were standing there enjoying not doing whatever Ice was yelling about and Coach walks up (why are you here)…turns out he thought he was at Achilles.  I thought I was laying down a nice warm up when Ice mandates “you know you have to be sober to Q”.  Not sure what he was blabbing about… After Linda, I thought about a trip to Goshen, but Linda sobered me up just enough, so I shot that awfulness down in a conversation with myself and headed to the pavers. That was a good call.  As usual, it was a pleasure leading this group…thanks Rhap!

Ice with a solid take out…thank you brother!


Revolution – New Saturday workout on the westside, Revolution Park 7:00, starting March 10.  Lynchpin and Pipeline looking to headlock anyone and everyone interested.  If you know someone who may be interested get there info to those guys (Lynchpin’s on Twitter:  @LynchpinF3).

Boys are back from Peru, at least in body, but not in spirit.  If you see on of the Pax who made the trip, ask them to share…it’s good stuff!

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