Qu’ils mangent de la brioche

yes I had to google it, but it was my Birthday so GFY, cake was had and it was delicious


how the party started

Sad Clown solo run around the AO since no-one took me up on the Birfday EC with a quick stop to acknowledge the Sky Q on this, my 37th birthday.  It was a beautiful morning with thin high clouds and a half crescent moon.

a slow mile or so and I picked up the PAX to begin the festivities….

Ran to the Silky SMOOTH Trinity Lot for a quick warm up of SSH, HR Merks, MC

Run to Rutledge and Partner Up, for no apparent reason other than to get the PAX together B4 the pain began

Run to Randolph with stops at for 5 Burpees at each street and 10 HR Merks at each road hump: 25 Burpees and 40 HR Merks

SAFELY Mary for the 6 at Randolph Rd (Good Call whoever pulled off into the pine needles)

Head North for Stops at the wall for some peoples chair with variants (legs and such)

Left on Sharon Amity and stop at the 5/3 lot for a Merkin Fest with ReguLARS, Diamonds, Wide Arms, and ReguLARS 20 PERFECT FORM

Up Sharon Amity and then to Mary in the non-descript brick office park

Hit the Bars at Eddies Place for some Supines with both OH and reguLAR grips 40 Total

Down to the hotbox for the real partner work

Grab big coupons (38#ers) and partner curls up to 200 total reps

wrap up with another Mary round with the Rosalitas kickin #Abrigo

Coupons up and Bear Crawl / Crab Walk to the end of the deck and out to the streets.  watch out for the bus and onto your belly.

Sprint to the stop sign, hold for a quick Mary then Sprint back home.

Then Cake.


Much love to these Men for what they have brought to me over the past few years, it has been one of the most substantive impacts in my life and as the site Q for Black Widow it has been a true pleasure to see these men develop and lead throughout the community.  We are privileged and lucky to have the ability to be able to participate in such an amazing organization that has CHANGED LIVES, Truly and Willingly.

But I digress…

Boba: started the morning cawing like the summertime crow about this and that and something about the weather…stream of consciousness aside, Black Widow is lonely without Boba glad you LIFO’d

Pitino: fresh off a great #bandana Q the week prior was pushing hard through the sprints, this guy is getting fast and in a hurry, keep up the good work man, and keep the Hilton Hotels honest

Daisy and Whim: True #HIMs in thier own right decided to join up with the BW faithful to help celebrate my B-day, thanks for coming out gents, always a pleasure to SYITG especially on Fridays #SpeedRuck, check out Copperhead if you haven’t yet, a solid group and a great AO thanks to these two #NeverSkipMondays

Backup: #Respect! this guy, always a BW favorite especially in the Summer when he brings water for the PAX, Turns out we have the same Birthday! and 2/6 was his #RESPECT 50th Birthday.  Man if I’d know that you would’ve been forced into the Q!  Fresh off the HIM mission to Chimbote Peru, Backup was leading the PAX in a way that is such a great example for all men.  T-Claps and Much #RESPECT for you my friend.  We’ll save 2/6 for you next year!

Double Knot: rolling in hot but not too hot this am, the only heat was permeating from those badass 1978 Ski Gloves and your replacement TRU double Knot tassel hat, this guy goes through more wardrobe changes during the course of a workout….

Smokey: great takeout for the PAX of BW this am, thanks for stepping up and putting in perspective what it really means to be the man we all should be for our families and communities.

Hot Lips: man been awhile brotha, Last time I saw you we were 3 sheets in an attic in old School Myers Park wearing some kickass Apres Ski and rockin out to Biggie Smalls #JESTER, hadn’t seen you at BW in a while, but I’m glad your back #partnerwork

GraveDancer: always a pleasure, steady and strong it was good to see you in the gloom this morning, another BW regular and #speedruck as well, this guy pushes hard every day of the week

Bullwinkle: glad you didn’t have to roll out early, a BW favorite pushing hard and keeping the PAX accountable, great to spend the gloom with you once again

Fifty Shades: the OG of BW! I hope that BigWorm and I are keeping up with the dream you had of this place when you got the ball rolling, great as always to share the morning with you

Hamlet: a true reguLAR and getting stronger by the week! Tues and Thurs #MrConsistent

Mr Green: been a long time since we’ve been able to share the gloom! Im glad you came out this morning and spent the day with us, especially cause of the cake

Beaker: is still wearing his only workout shirt, every, single, day.  but at least he’s consistent and a constant at Widow

Tebow: Black Widow FNG I believe, looked to be wrangled by the CCDS clan and was strong all morning, hope to see you again soon

SeaWorld: always there in to light up the morning, love the lightup SPURS!

Chowda: at 52 the man doesn’t stop, strong pull and great motivator.  C-Rocks finest

Ruby: neighbor and now a full-on Black Widow ReguLAR! Time to grab a Q brotha! Let us know when you want the keys!



3/10/18 New Site AO Launch WESTSIDE

Q Source Sundays 8 at Breuggers Cotswold


PERU 2019 Book it now, talk to KickinChicken


Thanks for the fun day gents, I enjoyed spending it with each of you and thank you for helping me this past year and for many years to come.


Let them eat cake


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